Apotheosis City – A City on a Ship


How can there be a city on a space ship? The simple answer is that the FHS Justice is massive: at 20.4 miles long, with 20 levels or modules, all different, the FHS Justice is an independent nation inhabited by millions. Apotheosis City and its underground structure occupies just one level of the ship. It was built 200 years ago and designed to last at least 500 years. Generations were born and raised on the ship.

Inside, Apotheosis City is an architecturally beautiful city full of unique buildings. Its day and night cycle lends it the feel of a city back on planet earth. Technical innovations not only power the ship, but also keep the city clean and well maintained.

This short video can help appreciate the scale of the FHS Justice.

The game is Ship of Heroes, not Warehouse of Heroes. The FHS Justice interacts with other worlds in the galaxy in the traditional ways: treaties, occasional conflicts, commerce, port of call for citizens in transit, or final destination. It’s a ship that is going places, so our aspiration is to have the ship dock periodically at new worlds, distant mining colonies, other ships, and perhaps even a space station or two, in a sequence. In each new location, players will find new missions, materials to harvest, enemies to defeat, and unique items to acquire. The visited worlds will repeat, and we plan to create new content for each world over time, allowing the game to expand steadily.