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Standard $10

You receive an official thank you from the crew of the Justice, and the Supporter Badge for helping get the ship launched.

Beta Tester $25

You receive an invitation to participate in a Beta test of Ship of Heroes one month before launch, and you can save character designs in the character creator to use after launch.

Stylish $50

You can reserve one character name. This becomes available during the CCT Beta event. In addition, a unique cape will be available for your characters at launch.

Founder $100

You will receive a one month free gift pass to give to a friend, or use for yourself. Also, the title of Founder will be available for your characters at launch.

Veteran $150

Start with 6 months of veterancy at launch, to bring you closer to all future veteran player rewards, plus a small amount of the in-game currency, dust, help you fund your empire.

Super Teammates $250

Reserve a hero group name, and get a 2-month temporary team teleport power at launch, plus one additional free month of subscription to give to a friend.

Deep Pockets $500

Reserve a second character name and an account name, and receive a larger amount of dust to spend at launch. Be invited to participate in the Beta two months before launch.

First Fighter $1000

Join the devs on an early stage escorted Alpha test. Provide feedback and lay out your ideas. In addition, have your character show up in a billboard in-game for a limited time.

Command and Control $2500

Start with one year of veterancy at launch. Receive a special pet when Commanders are added to the game. You can also have a name plaque in a memorial area in one of the two first levels, as a mark of remembrance.

Prolific $5,000

Reserve three additional character names, for a total of five. Gain early access to the game, 48 hours before it officially launches..

Famous Citizen $10,000

Either name a street on the first or second level, or provide design input and a name to a giant monster (all pending dev approval). Start with eighteen months of veterancy at launch. Join a special advisory group and give the devs ideas for a year.

About Your Donation


Thank you for donating to Ship of Heroes. We will email you your rewards and instructions on how to use them before the official launch.

If your email has changed since your donation, or you would like to combine donations made by one person under multiple emails, please let us know and tell us which email to use and which emails to combine.

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