Mouse Commands

/invertmouse – Invert mouse
Middle Mouse Button – Toggles Auto Run
Mouse Wheel – Zoom

Chat Commands

/tell or /t – Sends a tell
/send or /s – Same as above
/m or msg – Seems to be same as above.
/party or /p or /group  – Group chat.
/global or /g – Global chat
/say or /s – Say something only people nearby can hear
/yell or /y – Extended range say.
/reply or /r – Reply
      Note: /yell will send a message to everyone in the area. By contrast, /say will only be heard by nearby players.
/afk – Marks yourself as away from keyboard.
/lfg – Marks yourself as looking for a group.
/friends – Prints a list of friends to chat.
    You can also view this information in an easier to read manner in the Social Menu.
/friend – Add a friend. You can also do this via the Social Menu.
/unfriend – Removes a friend. You can also do this via the Social Menu.


Emotes all accept an optional target name, e.g. /wave Consultant.

/crowdcheer – (YMCA)
/neutral – Resets smile/frown morph
/emote (Example: /emote sights the Arches –– which would show: Consultant sights the Arches, for a character named Consultant)

Gamepad Commands

Left Shoulder/LB – Use Slot 1
Left Trigger/LT – Use Slot 2
DPad Up – Use Slot 3
DPad Right – Use Slot 4
Right Shoulder/RB – Cycle Enemy Targets
Right Trigger/RT – Cycle Allied Targets
Start – Menu
Select – Inventory
Y/Top Button – Infusion Slot 1
X/Left Button – Infusion Slot 2
A/Bottom Button – Infusion Slot 3
B/Right Button – Interact
Left Thumbstick Button – Jump
Right Thumbstick – Turn/Look
Left Thumbstick – Strafe

Targeting Commands

/target or /tar – Targets the player named
/follow – Follows a player
/stick – Similar to follow but sticks in melee range
/stuck – Frees when you get stuck.
/unstuck – Frees when you get stuck.
/focus – Sets focus target.
/assist – Assists focus target.
/face – Faces current target.
/autoface – continually rotates to face auto target. Manual movement will abort.
/autostick – Similar to /autoface but it sticks to the target in melee range. You can still do attacks but any manual movement aborts.
/autocast – Automatically casts the following power repeatedly once it comes off cool down.

Basic Keyboard Commands

Escape or CTRL + O – Menu
Enter – Enter chat.
F – Interact
CTRL + G – Toggle Frame Rate
W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys – Movement
Q – Turn Left
E – Turn Right
. (Period) – Hold to walk.
Space – Jump

Keyboard UI Commands

1 to = – Powers from Power Bar 1
Shift + 1 to = – Powers from Power Bar 2
Alt + 1 to = – Powers from Power Bar 3
CTRL + 1 to = – Powers from Power Bar 4
Tab – Cycle Enemy Targets
Shift + Tab – Cycle Allied Targets
F1 to F5 – Infusion Slots 1-5
ALT + U or ALT + Z – Hides / displays UI
V – Toggle Enemy Healthbars
Shift + V – Toggle Friendly Healthbars
CTRL + V – Toggles All Healthbars
N – Toggles All Nametags
ALT + N – Toggle Enemy Nametags
Shift + N – Toggle Friendly Nametags
K – Toggle Augmentation Window
B – Toggle Badge Window
C – Toggle Character Sheet
I – Toggle Inventory
J – Toggle Mission Journal
P – Toggle Powerbook
U – Toggle Social Window.
CTRL + T – Toggle Combat Text
CTRL + L – Toggle Auras
ALT + G – Toggle News Window
M – Toggle Map
CTRL + M – Toggle Map Icons
Numpad + – Toggle Map Size

Group Commands

/invite or /inv – Invite to your group
/leave or /leavegroup – Leave your group
/kick – Kicks a player from your group
/uninvite – Removes your invite to a player

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