Massively Multiplayer

Play Solo, or in Teams of up to 10

The number and strength of enemies scales with the size of the team, and so do the rewards. This provides an incentive to play together. All team members get the mission rewards. There is no drawing of lots or forced sharing of drops. Team members can be sidekicked up or down to play with friends at any level. Difficulty, number of enemies, and rewards adapt to the team’s level. 

Positive Community

Toxicity in games can really spoil the fun. That’s why Ship of Heroes is built to support a positive community. You don’t have to compete against your allies to get rare rewards, and there are no pay to win mechanics. Most activities are doable at all levels, and the best players get bonuses for teaming up with newbies.  Sidekicking and mentoring let heroes of all levels play together easily. The Ship of Heroes community has been friendly from the beginning, We intend to help it stay this way with chat moderation.

Big Raids and Invasions

Ship of Heroes has several big raids and invasions that can be played by as many as 60 players in 6 teams of 10. They can also be run by any team that meets the minimum size requirement. The minimum size varies according to the raid. Big raids are not endgame content. Even at level one, a player can join a raid and contribute to its success. But leading a raid takes planning and strategy.

Your Playstyle, Your Victories

Tanker, Brawler, Devastator, Support, and Controller play very differently from each other, and so do their specific power sets. In teams, specialized characters can shine and complement each other. You’ll learn how to fine-tune your build with infusions, augments, temp powers, and more. A cleverly-designed team of heroes can outwit titanic foes and win fights before they start.

The Rewards of Leadership

Many players want to play in teams, far fewer are willing to lead one, as the mission leader can either lead the team to victory or doom it to failure.  Preplanning by the leader may increase the odds of success. In Ship of Heroes, leaders receive extra rewards and abilities during the mission to facilitate success for the team as a whole.

Maps Designed for Large Teams

Ship of Heroes features unique, futuristic maps too beautiful to be called “dungeons”. Many maps are designed to accommodate big hero teams, and even bigger groups of enemies. Great care has been put into maintaining high FPS, too! It’s common to see 180 FPS when playing solo on the highest graphics quality settings. Even big raids maintain impressive FPS levels.