Player and Supergroup Housing

How it Works

Linked to Character

Housing is associated with a character. Each of your characters can have one or more bases. A base can serve one person or a supergroup.

For Rent or Purchase

Housing is available for rent, and will likely be available for purchase at a later date. You can tour empty bases before selecting your own.


Furnishings are purchased or found and will be also earned in game or crafted. Furnishings also include structural pieces to alter the inside of your base

Housing Tours

Keep your base private or make it available for viewing. Get inspiration from houses made public by other players before or after selecting your floor plan.


The Floor Plans

Choose from 10 preset floor plans you can modify by adding internal walls.

Surface Textures

Several hundred texture choices are available for floor, walls, ceilings, and stairs. Many can be recolored.

Golden cauldron


Ambient lighting can be adjusted in intensity and color. Lamps shine their own lights.


Furnishings can be placed anywhere, rotated, resized, stretched, and recolored.

What Will You Build?