Guide to Player Housing


Find your Housing     Make your Selection     Customize your Base    UI and Commands

Tips for the Blank Slate Option

Find your Housing

Speak with the Housing Assistant

She will put a marker on your compass for Housing Plaza

Find Housing Plaza on the Map

Marked with yellow stars and a green marker.

Find Entrance with Walkway

Right click on the door to enter

Make your Selection

While in Game, Your Dust Amount is Shown in the Lower Right Hand Corner of the Screen.

Tour Empty Models

Preview before choosing

Get Inspiration

Tour bases with the same layout

Make your Selection

Pay rent and enter

Customize your Base

Start with Base Materials

Decorated walls, floors, and ceilings make the empty space yours

Add Furnishings

Add windows, interior walls, lights, furniture, and pets

Invite Visitors

Be an inspiration! Turn on viewing access to your creation

UI and Commands

Tips for the Blank Slate Option

The blank slate is an option to build a custom floor plan with snap panels that can be individually textured.

The blank slate system is a bit fiddly, and is intended for very serious base-builders. We recommend you get comfortable with  the system by renting and working in another layout before attempting to build a base in the blank slate.

Base Walls and Base Floors Snap

Base items snap and are fixed in size. Non base items such as the scalable wall can be resized and placed anywhere, but they do not snap. The blank Slate is built with Base items.

Start with Your Bottom Floor

You can only build up from the first floor you build.

Build in Layers

Layout your floor for the first level. Then put in the walls for that level. Then the next ceiling/floor.

Turn on Base Panel Autoload

Prebuy multiple panels and have them autoload from your inventory. To stop autoloading before your supply is exhausted, simply press ESC.

Don't Be Locked Out of Your Own Base

As soon as you have a first floor, buy a Player Spawner from the store and place it in your base. When you log out and in again, you will return to the Player Spawner. The alternative could be outside your base with no way in.

Don't Be Lost in Space!

Prepare for this by placing your teleport power in your tray. Then, no matter how far you are from home, you can always teleport back to the entrance of the housing building.