The Game

The Story and Key Characters

Earth was invaded several times in the early centuries of the Federation. Humans with superpowers tipped the balance in our favor, and the attacks were beaten back, but at a cost. The invaders had huge spacecrafts, powered by Unobtanium, the rarest of substances in the galaxy. From battlefield ruins, humans recovered the awesome new technology. The discovery of Unobtanium changed everything… Learn more »

Character Creation – Be Unique!

The Character Creator Tool (CCT) is where your unique character is born. You will craft a look, assemble a smashing costume, and select your powers. You can even write your character’s story and share it with other heroes. The looks are as varied as humanity…and the humanoid universe. Mix and match costume pieces can be assembled in unique combinations and color variations. If you meet your look alike in the game, it will be because imitation is the highest form of flattery. And if looks are not as important to you as getting in the fray, you can speed up the creation process by clicking the randomizer at any point. Learn more »

Combat Mechanics

Select from five archetypes, and over 250 powers. Combine crafted augments and powers to create new and unique playstyles. Lock your enemies in stasis or cripple them with debuffs. Create multiple avatars, experiment with builds, think your way to victory. Fight, level up, and crush your enemies.  Learn more »

Massively Multiplayer

Make friends and play cooperatively. Harness the power of teamwork. Hang out in a welcoming chat where spammers are banned. Learn from veterans, then mentor newer players. Make friends and form supergroups. Play at the level of your friends, whether higher or lower. Create teams of up to 10 with specialized roles. Design advanced attack chains and tactics to defeat specific enemies. Join dozens of other heroes to battle giant monsters and repel invasions of heavily armed aliens. Learn more »

Harvesting, Crafting, and Trading

Harvesting, crafting and trading, for those who want to focus on these elements, will be profitable and challenging. Those who just want to fight (and win!) will be able to buy what they need using their loot. Everything you obtain can be directly sold to vendors for Dust if you don’t want to craft. In general, items crafted by players will be at least as powerful as items that can be purchased. Crafted items will also be for sale in the auction house. Those who want to build an economic empire will find plenty of opportunities to do so. 

Player and Supergroup Housing

Player housing is accessible to all players: characters can rent or buy housing and furnishings, regardless of their level or wealth. Space is plentiful and players can get more than one space. Player Housing offers a lot of opportunities for unique designs. The standard floor plans are just a starting point: walls can be added anywhere to reshape the interior. Several hundred textures and patterns are available to customize walls, floors, ceilings, and stairs, and can be recolored. Endless variety derives from the ability to resize, stretch, rotate, and color the growing selection of furnishings in different styles available for purchase. Learn more »