The Character Creator


Your looks and costume are independent of your archetype, powers, and level: you never have to give up your beautiful choices for more power.

Archetype and Powers

Select one of  five archetypes, two primary and two secondary powers. Selecting different powers support different play styles, even for the same archetype.


Your Unique Appearance

Select your body type from male, female, and big guy. Starting  from one of 114 presets, you can customize facial and body features through up to 92 adjustable parameters.


Create your Costume

Create your costume from hundreds of pieces that can be mixed and matched for countless combinations.  Customize each piece with up to 3 colors slots.



Quickly get to something you like for body, faces, and costumes with the randomizers . Use randomizers to select your look, for individual elements, or as a starting point.


At any time, you can change the looks, costumes, background story, and powers within the power sets on an existing character.

Archetypes and Powers



Tankers take hits for the team by using their melee powers to taunt enemies into  attacking them instead of their more fragile teammates. Tankers have offensive powersets and secondary powersets. They do moderate damage and are very tough.


Brawlers wade into fighst and deal large amounts of melee damage to groups of enemies. Brawlers have offensive primaries and defensive secondaries, the reverse of Tanks. They do high damage and are moderately tough.


Devastators launch powerful range attacks at enemies while remaining out of range of enemy retribution. Devastators have offensive primaries and support secondaries. They do the highest damage and have moderately effectctive buffs designed to give them the ability to survive short but very intense fights.


Support characters are quite varied: they heal and buff their teammates from a distance, keeping themselves out of range of powerful enemies. Support characters have support primaries and offensive secondaries. They do moderate damage and are excellent at making their allies more powerful, keeping a team alive.


Controllers specialize in controlling and manipulating those around them through mesmerization, stuns and other mechanisms. Controller powers are control and status effects,  different from the powers of other  archetypes.

Temp Powers





Dance Emote

Select Primary and Secondary Powers

Starting Powers






Your Unique Appearance


These preset looks can easily be altered with a few simple changes such as hair style, hair color, skin color, eye color, eyebrows, or facial hair.


Five of many possible variations from a single preset face

Create Your Costume


Create your costume from hundreds of individual costume pieces

All photos and videos are taken in game unless otherwise stated and are shown unedited. Outside views of the FHS Justice are concept art.