Combat Mechanics

The combat mechanics of Ship of Heroes start out simple and become complex. You start out with just a few powers to click or toggle. As your character advances through the ranks, and as you choose how to make your character more powerful, the game becomes much more complex.

At level one, every character gets just a few super-powers.  As you level up, more powers become available.  Choosing among the hundreds of powers becomes strategic and you want to have a plan. Your character will evolve over time, becoming more powerful and beset by more challenging enemies.

You have options for how to make your character more powerful. Augments allow you to emphasize some aspects of your powers. Infusions temporarily strengthen your stats. Choices are not just about total damage; buff, debuff, and defense can be powerful. And temp powers let you experiment or customize for specific missions.

Classes – Go beyond the Trinity

Choose Your Powers


Your character will have a primary set of powers (the strongest powers), and a secondary set of powers (usually about 75% as powerful as the primary powers).

Each power set has multiple powers to select from. Combinations of those can produce a balanced character for solo playing, or a character with variable degrees of specialization suitable for team play.

New characters start by selecting two powers each in the primary and secondary power sets they have chosen.

Powers gained as the player levels up are generally stronger than early powers.

Every class gets one quick firing medium damage attack power. Every character also gets a pistol.  So no matter what, you can always do some damage.  Other powers fill in your style and make the game fun.

Fast travel powers,  and flight, are available by default. You might want to master them. Do not think fight or flight. Think fight in flight!

View fast travel powers in action

Customize your Build


Power Augments


Augments are additions that permanently enhance your powers. You will not only select your powers, you will choose which powers you want to invest in with Augments, to make them perform as you will it to be.  You will deploy Augments to enhance some powers more than others.  You will choose which kinds of Augments to install, and you will search for better Augments to increase your powers even further.

Each power starts with one Augment slot. You select which power(s) to augment further by giving them additional Augment slots then placing Augments in these slots.

Learn how to use Power Augments

Infusion Vendors look like Vending Machines



Don’t ignore infusions. These simple, temporary boosters last only 60 seconds. There are small, medium, and large infusions  and they come in many forms. small and medium infusions are cheap and commonplace and can even be acquired from fallen enemies. You can also buy them from infusion vendors located around the game, including in the middle of battle.

Large infusions are crafted or purchased in the Ivars & Sons Auction House.

You can see infusions in action in this video.

Rise to the Challenge


MMOs tend to evolve in the same way.  They start out with very difficult combat, and the game just gets easier and easier over the years.  At this point, most MMOs are really easy to play.  Combat in SoH is not that easy, but we give players a choice about how hard they want their fights to be.  Players can adjust the difficulty of missions up or down before beginning.  Of course, rewards also go up and down in response.  But if you just can’t finish a mission or beat a boss, you can always add a few teammates, or lower the mission difficulty, or perhaps buy a few temp powers to carry you past the big-bad.

Suggestions for Selecting your First Archetype


Any choice can be fun, so don’t stress over it. Just choose something that sounds fun and roll with it.


If you want a

melee damage dealer

to run in and stab or slash enemies to death, try a


If you prefer to

blast enemies at range

choose a


who can also do a bit of healing or buffing

If you want to

heal and buff your team

we recommend the


archetype. But to play solo, a Devastator might work better.

If you want to

taunt enemies



But to play mostly solo, choose Brawler – You’ll do more damage and still be pretty tough.

If you have

transferable skills from other games

consider a


This is a skill class with low damage, high buff, or high debuff and optional fighting pets