Winter Fashions Aboard the F.H.S. Justice: Formal Wear and Mages’ Gear

Nov 20, 2020

While we’re working on adding more mission content to Ship of Heroes, here’s an update on something that you may not have thought about in a while: our character creator. Even though we’re busy working on missions, we’ve managed to add several new costumes to our expansive collection.

“Of course I have the authority to go in here. Just look at my outfit!”

Technical note: red stripes don’t actually make you go faster.

Above is what we are calling the Admiral’s Outfit, an outfit that consists of an iconic long jacket with matching gloves, pants, and shoes. We added this after several players in our last Beta, as well as several developers, pointed out that we had very little formal wear available for heroes who wanted to be impeccably dressed. We may continue to add more fancy pieces like this if people ask for them.

Alternatively, you can go for the “poor but dangerous” look.

“Bounty Hunter Services here. May I take your order?”

Next is a Bounty Hunter outfit, consisting of not only a Wild West feel but also an earpiece for when you need someone to feed you intel on the move. Some heroes may feel that hunting bounties isn’t proper hero work, but don’t worry! All bounties are approved of by Ship Security before they’re issued.

“What do you mean, ‘am I a villain’? …No, I’m not!”

We still advise dying them new colors first, unlike this guy.

Last but not least are several different outfits sometimes worn by the Red Sigil. Wait, you ask why your hero would wear the outfit of the enemy? The Red Sigil aren’t just known for their attempts to take over the ship, but also for being able to blend in plain sight. So next time you see someone wearing an outfit a member of the Red Sigil might wear, don’t panic! They may just be an ordinary citizen with an unusual fashion sense.

This guy is gonna be so disappointed when we reveal a blue-themed villain group.

Of course, costumes aren’t the only thing a superhero needs in order to actually be a superhero… but that’ll come next time. Future newsletters will cover some of the technical aspects of how we create missions, and the flexibility and limits our system delivers for Ship of Heroes, with at least two videos to go with it.

Technical Notes

1. Though we show certain outfits on certain body types, we do strive to make sure that most or all of our costumes can be worn on all three body types. We don’t believe in cheating anyone out of a costume they liked.

2. Currently we have at least six more complete costumes in the production pipeline. Players can make suggestions or requests on our forums.

3. We have a system in place to minimize costume clipping, and it is working on all of the costumes in the character creator. This process means we can actually put costume pieces with a small volume directly onto the surface of our characters – we do not dip them in virtual paint that is applied directly to the body model, a technique that was frequently used 20 years ago.

4. The three Red Sigil costumes shown in this newsletter are three out of four different costumes available for players from that enemy group. There are some variants too.

5. We also have new hairstyles in the works, but those aren’t ready to show yet. Don’t worry, though – you’ll see them soon.

6. Our character creator is one of the best in any modern MMO, but we are always trying to improve it. That’s where you come in! Speak up in the game’s forums.