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May 11, 2017

Each of the 20 ship modules in the Justice has layers: a layer above with an artificial sky, and multiple layers below where the crew work, and ship activities take place. These lower levels are brightly-lit at the top, near the surface, and become darker and more dangerous the further a character descends.

In this video we are revealing examples of the first layer directly below the surface of Apotheosis City.  We acquired most of the art assets in this level.  The skill and expertise of our environmental art team is shown in the way the pieces are combined – in the lighting, the layout, and the special effects.  We’re creating a completely new environment, and this is our first example of a mission map.  Our players won’t just do missions inside a standard 20th century warehouse; there is a lot more going on aboard the Justice.

We have also added a few crewmen to the environment.  Security guards, scientists, and workmen from the crew are all present. Ambassador and Meltdown take a run through the area, looking for a suspected problem and only find one cyborg.  Meeting up with Sword Blossom, they share the results of their investigation.

The largest room we’re showing off is located directly below the Arch.  The Arch is huge, and only a part of it is above the surface of Apotheosis City.  You’ll also see an example of an engineering control center, along with multiple corridors and rooms that we intend to use both as components of future mission maps, and to build out multiple layers below Apotheosis City as we expand the game.

As always, comments and suggestions are taken on our forums in the Ask the Devs section, at where a discussion of this video is already underway.

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