Travel Powers in Ship of Heroes

Nov 30, 2023

In Ship of Heroes, you can fly right from the start. Flying is tons of fun, yet very few modern MMORPGs have it. Better yet, flight is only one of three fast-travel powers in Ship of Heroes.

Travel powers are not generally a topic that MMOs like to talk much about. They don’t change your DPS, and they very rarely explode. However, we feel that travel powers are a huge help and a lot of fun, so we’ve made some significant upgrades to both superspeed and flight.

“Why yes, I do look awesome. It’s a gift.” – Typical superhero

Superspeed comes with several FX which you can select by pressing 2 on your Numpad, but the most recent FX were a bit understated. Now they’ve been revamped, with individual foot trails for fire and more vivid FX for darkness, ice, and dust trails. In addition, enemies can’t disable your superspeed by shooting at you anymore. Now, you can run away from foes who are too tough for you to beat… or if you’re just busy shopping. We don’t judge.

“Everyone, follow me to the mission! I, uh, I think it’s this way…”

Our flight animations have been tweaked to look smoother and more natural. We’ve also done some midair camera balancing to help deal with complaints from our last event about flight causing players to get motion sick. We’ve also fixed the bug that caused superspeed to interfere with flight – no more dropping out the sky and into a mob of Yekus unexpectedly!

“Sometimes, I just want a quiet moment alone”

Secret Tip: Superspeed and flight speed increase with your level and are shown in your character sheet .

“Awesome stats! May I call you Speedster?”

Teleportation is the 3rd travel power in SoH. In the city, it is currently a quick way to reach the Arch from anywhere in the city. From inside a mission map, it will allow you to make a quick exit to the entrance of the mission map. Why would you need that? Quick escape from intractable enemies? Your secret is safe with us. And let’s face it: it is way cooler to exit your housing unit by teleporting than by going through the door.

“Those thugs looked pretty mad. Welp, time to go.”

A number of adjustments to Ship of Heroes are coming that we think you’ll like. Next time, we’ll cover the ongoing efforts to improve combat and quality of life. We look forward to hearing from all of you, and don’t forget to wishlist us on Steam, if you haven’t already!

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Technical Notes


1. Superspeed is the fastest travel power, but flight makes it easier to dodge around obstacles, so your mileage may vary.

2. Our art style makes the superspeed trails very visible and allows you to vary them according to your personal backstory. They aren’t eyesearingly bright, but all of the trails are clearly visible at night, which can help teammates who are following you. Enemies do not follow superspeed trails. They only follow heroes who attack or get too close.

3. Currently, you have an emergency teleport power. We have not yet upgraded this to a full travel power, and it’s something we would like to hear feedback on. Emergency teleport brings a player to the center of the city map, under the Arch.

4. For those who noticed, a slight adjustment has been made to the flight animation and pose for female heroes. The left arm is no longer so far back during flight.

5. If your keyboard does not have a numerical pad, you can still customize your superspeed effect by changing the hotkeys in the Systems menu.

6. In the past, we had a number of powers that rooted the player in place when firing. We’re shifting away from this idea to let players run-and-gun, since that seems to be more fun.

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