The Warehouse District

Jan 16, 2018

At the beginning of 2018 we thought you would like to see the latest progress in the Ship of Heroes playing environment, Apotheosis City. While there is a lot happening with the city, today we are focusing on improvements to the Warehouse District down by the water.

We’re not done balancing how building textures are optimized when viewed from a distance, but the textures have been applied, and you can see what they really look like as Ambassador gets closer.

We’ve changed our process for showing these improvements a little bit, and worked with Positive Gamer to create a quick video of the area, and to answer questions he has had from his audience about Ship of Heroes.

Our team has a lot of expertise in industrial engineering, and it shows – while some parts of the city are markedly futuristic, many details in the Warehouse District are true to life.  Even in the 25th century, humans still need things like cranes to lift heavy objects, and air conditioning units to transfer heat away from complex machinery.  These simple solutions are both practical, and physically tough enough to survive stray shots when Nagdellian raids move through the area.

We don’t intend to make players street-sweep for hours on end to advance, but the Warehouse District will provide plenty of variety for anyone looking for a fight. Inexperienced Yekus mercenaries wander the streets in search of fame and glory, while more cunning and dangerous opponents take advantage of the rooftops and building interiors to ambush the unwary. More than one hero has learned a lesson in humility after alerting multiple mobs and choosing to stay and fight.

This expansion of Apotheosis City also gives us a lot of options for making missions. A ramp on the shore allows for both loading friendly ships, and amphibious assaults. Players might stand on the industrial lift to be lowered to an underground map. Enemies may attack other factions, or try to ambush players returning from an instanced mission map, if the mission targets their allies. Nothing is settled yet, but the possibilities are as endless as the expanse of space outside the ship.

While he is able and willing to fight for the ship in emergencies, Meltdown believes that his greatest accomplishment is building and paying for the cool toys that keep his friends alive. He is currently the richest of the “big five” heroes, followed by Iris, and is happily married to a civilian woman – see if you can spot her in our older videos!

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