The Tools and the Talent

Sep 24, 2019

The upcoming CCT Beta is our main focus right now, but we also have people building other parts of the game in the background. Today we want to show you the latest work from our prop artists, with a special shout out to Steven Zhu. These assets will be used in the Military Weapons power set.

The Military Weapons powerset is a primary set for Devastators and a secondary set for support characters. We will show this powerset in action in a video once we have the animations and effects completed.

Explosive charges only accept commands from the intended user. Bad things happen if you try to input the wrong codes.

Some might ask why a superhero would bother using mundane weapons. Well, there are several reasons. Some heroes have powers that require technology to function, like superhuman accuracy or the ability to summon additional ammo on the fly. Others have support or defensive powers, and simply want to be able to do damage. These brave individuals use their weapons in much the same way ship security personnel do.

Also, they look cool. Like this rocket launcher.

Every offensive powerset is better than the others in specific situations. Powers in the Military Weapons power set intentionally create a lot of noise, heat, and flashes of light from explosions to suppress and distract a hero’s enemies from returning fire effectively. This suppresses the targets, with the mechanical effect of reducing their accuracy and damage. Explosives offer a decent amount of area-of-effect damage, while rifles are single-target weapons meant for things like giant monsters. Military Weapons heroes are good in all kinds of tough team fights and as solo operatives, but they’re not ideal for easier battles, where reducing incoming damage isn’t as important as just killing the enemies faster. These powers are often paired with healing or defensive buff sets, which benefit from similar playstyles.

Don’t underestimate the damage one of these can do, though.

These weapons can be fired repeatedly and will reload from a pocket dimension, so your hero does not need to manage ammunition – though some heroes have tricks to reload faster than usual.

This is the rocket the launcher fires. It’s fin-stabilized for greater accuracy at range.

Next up, we are planning to focus on getting ready for a CCT Beta, with one or two more newsletters or videos before the Beta. And we still have a lot to say about the powersets in Ship of Heroes. So stay tuned, because we’re moving forward! And remember, we’re a small team, many of whom are volunteers, so donations are really helpful. Let us know what you think about this newsletter on the forums!