The New Camera Menu

Oct 26, 2023

We're adding a camera menu to the Interface options, to allow control of how the camera moves and where it is aimed relative to your character. This will accommodate individual preferences.

Ship of Heroes just finished a highly successful Beta demo in the recent Steam Next Fest, which ended about a week ago.  Now we’re making improvements based on your feedback and the camera settings is one of them.  We’ve put up a video demonstrating how the new controls work, so check it out and let us know what you think!

You can still zoom in or out with the mouse wheel.

Of course, these are not the only upgrades in store. Apart from bug-fixing, we’ve also been working hard to address some server issues that affected combat and chat log continuity across instance changes. We’re working our way down a list of suggestions assembled from the feed-back you submitted, so thanks again to everyone who commented! It’s been a big help.

“Sure, I’m on fire… but they’re more on fire!” – Devastator

The current list looks like this: 

  • We’d like to show improved combat and do it in an event format that allows players to jump back and forth between Apotheosis City and one of our explorable open worlds.
  • We’re steadily adding new missions, including more story arcs from other signature heroes within the FHS Justice!
  • You may see some holiday content in light of the calendar for the next couple of months.
  • The CCT is getting five new hair styles for the male and the big guy models, and perhaps a few more female hairstyles in the future.
  • A couple of heroic costumes previously available only for the big guy, will now be available for the male and female models.

We will be recruiting testers for several new rounds of testing before the next event.  If you would like to become a tester under NDA, please fill out the testing sign-up form. If you already filled the form, you do not need to do it again. If you have let us know that you would like to be a tester, but have not filled the form, you need to do so to be testing.  Even if you aren’t invited this time, you remain in the pool for future testing, once you are signed up. 

The next event is already under discussion.  Since the last event was such a great success, we’ve decided to do another one in the near future!  This one will likely be holiday-themed, with perhaps some cool new content.

Christmas decorations at the Arch…and presents?

As always, we’ll be posting on our website, our forums, and our Steam store page about any new updates for Ship of Heroes. If you follow us on Steam, all our updates show up on your Library page.  And following us is free.  So, remember to check up regularly, and don’t forget to wishlist us if you haven’t already!  We also want to thank all of you who already have; it helps us a lot.

Get ready for the return of a popular enemy group from the past!

Technical Notes


1. The Steam Next Fest was a free event sponsored by Steam. It was open to the public from October 9th to October 16th. 

2. Our most recent Beta occurred during the Steam Next Fest and ended a week ago. It was quite successful for us, generating strong growth in wishlists, and some great ideas for making SoH better than ever. 

3. During the Steam Beta, the new server structure interacted with the Unreal 4 replication graph feature and the instance clean-up functions to create occasional “invisible barriers” to motion. This is the sort of problem that can only be tested in situations with very high traffic through a few mission instances that are in continuous use, like in a Beta event or a launch. We’re sorry if anyone was inconvenienced by this bug; a fix is already in the works. 

4. By far the most common request was for your character to always stay in the middle of the screen. Since this was the majority request, the default on camera controls will now be set for zero camera lag. But those who wanted something different can increase camera lag in the game’s settings.

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