Head of Ship Security and  the Justice Corps

Iris the Great

Archmage Leader of the Mages Counsel


Chief Operations Officer of the Justice Corps

Dr. Strikewell

Chief Medical Officer
FHS Justice

Sword Blossom

Chief Engineer
FHS Justice

Sword Blossom

Chief Engineer
FHS Justice

Sword Blossom's Powers & Enemies

Sword Blossom is a Brawler. Sword Blossom is locked in a deadly struggle for control of the ships systems and resources with the Prometheans.

Powers and Knowledge Gained from Working with Sword Blossom

Sword Blossom’s passion is Engineering.  When working with Sword Blossom, you will craft advanced technology items that can be used in combat and other systems like force field generators…. These items cannot be obtained anywhere else. Some of these items will prove particularly useful in team missions  such as task forces and raids, especially when fighting Prometheans, Sword Blossom’s sworn enemies.

Where to Find Sword Blossom

Sword Blossom in one of the Big Five NPC heroes aboard the Justice, and as such you will have the option of being introduced by Ambassador at level 1, in the “Welcome Hero” mission.  If you choose to engage with another of the Big Five, you can always return and meet Sword Blossom.  She is often in the upper level of the Engineering hub located in the warehouse district, which is located in the southwest section of Apotheosis City.

Sword Blossom's Story

Sword Blossom’s defining hour came during a major Promethean surprise attack in 2440. The Prometheans have made several attempts to hijack the ship in the centuries since it was launched. In each case they were beaten back through luck or skill and apparently destroyed, only to return much later in times of vulnerability for the ship. It’s thought that their leader, Dr. Cornish, has set up bases and secret passages deep within the ship that are hidden from normal detection methods… but no one knows for sure. Read more about Dr. Cornish.

By 2440, the cybernetic Prometheans had been in hiding for decades. Engineering was the safest department by far, and many people became engineers because they were unable or unsuited to fight. Sword Blossom was a young hero with a passion for engineering. On a ship the size of the Justice, there will always be systems that need repairs or upgrades. While Sword Blossom could have fought the Nagdellians during their many boarding actions, she saw the greater importance of keeping the ship’s massive generators and complicated systems running smoothly, and its shields at full strength.

Unlike their previous attempts, this Promethean assault was sudden and brutal. In the complex tunnel networks beneath Apotheosis City, they struck in many areas at once, overwhelming the ill-prepared Engineering personnel. Sword Blossom rose to the occasion, using a variety of tactics to delay and weaken the attackers, but it wasn’t enough. Only a few of the Engineering crew survived long enough to be rescued by Ship Security; most were killed – or worse yet, converted into more Prometheans. Today there are more of the evil cyborgs than ever before.

In the decades since then, Sword Blossom has risen to the role of Chief Engineer. She has quietly rebuilt the battered department, replacing the lost technical personnel with more combat-oriented volunteers capable of defending themselves, and she frequently calls in other heroes for further aid. The Justice has far more maintenance problems than before, but it’s still operational, and the Promethean menace is contained to the tunnels… for now.

But the conflict is unending. Sword Blossom, the current Chief Engineer of the FHS Justice, versus Dr. Cornish, one of the most brilliant of the initial scientists aboard the ship. Dr. Cornish is an unstable psychopath with an army of magically-enhanced cyborgs; only Sword Blossom seems able to match wits with him, and she has to keep the ship running as well. Any heroes who sign up to help her will have their work cut out for them.