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Apr 20, 2022

Our Player Housing Beta will take place from May 5th to May 8th 2022. This is our 8th feature Beta which has been open to the public. Beta testers will be able to create or reuse a character, roam Apotheosis City and create Player Housing. The event is free, and registration is open. Don’t miss it! We look forward to your feedback to guide further development of Player Housing.

Even in the 25th century, people will always want to fill their homes with stuff

Our current player housing reflects its location in Apotheosis City: it is urban housing. Whether you want to create a fancy high-rise apartment with a killer view of the city, a place that feels like a log cabin in the woods, or something so unique that it defies all labels, you will find many options to choose from. As with the Character Creator Tool, you have a lot of freedom to customize.

​“When they call a small apartment small, they aren’t kidding.” – Iris the Great

You choose your layout; it is not assigned to you, regardless of your level. There are currently eight basic layouts, from a tiny studio to a huge hall suitable for an entire guild, or for almost anything else you can imagine. Some layouts are flat, while others have multiple stories. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this will limit your creativity much: you can add walls anywhere you want to change the internal layout.

A wall is being added

Doors now range from modern and contemporary, to barn doors, to bunker doors. And of course, you will be able to select patterns, textures, and colors for floors, stairs, walls, and ceilings.

Try not to blind anyone with… let’s call them vivid color choices

A bare building isn’t much of a home, so feel free to add some furnishings and trophies. Furnishings can be customized as well. They can be placed anywhere, not just on a grid, resized, and recolored. Objects can be stretched in any individual direction to create a new look, from tall cabinets to lower footlockers, for example.

“Nothing captures the high-rise feel like a fancy painting and a big window with a view.” – Dr. Strikewell

There is no limit on colors available; objects may have primary, secondary, and tertiary colors depending on the object. Some even have an option to change materials. We are in the process of adding more items to the current collection of furnishings. You can tell us what you’d like to see in the forums.
Creative use of three rotation modes – pitch, roll, and yaw – can turn rugs into wall hangings, tables into hanging shelves, digital monitors into table control panels… The possibilities are endless.

“I live next to a couple of alien ambassadors. They’re very quiet.” – Sword Blossom

Looking to set the right mood in your lair? Then the right lighting is essential. You can set the level of lighting from light to dark and choose colors for the ambient light and different light sources like lamps. These are very unusual features in MMOs. For those who want to have a smokey haze in part of their secret lair, we have options for that, too.

“Of course I have a room built to withstand cruise missile attacks. Don’t you?” – Ambassador

Lonely in your apartment? Not anymore. You can be greeted by your pet or your mechanical pet after a hard day’s work. Vote in the poll on which pets you would like to add next, and tell us about it in the forum.

“So cute… Now, how big can I make you?” – Strikewell

This is all very cool, but can you afford it? For the Beta, you will have more than enough Dust, the in-game currency, to spend lavishly on your creation. After launch, we are currently thinking of offering housing for rent and for purchase at a higher but still affordable price. You can participate in the discussion on this topic in our forums.

“This place definitely looks very expensive.” – Meltdown

Finally, we want to give a big thank you to the volunteer testers in the closed Beta. We are grateful for their very helpful reviews and we have already implemented most of their suggestions and fixed all the bugs they found. We rely on the input of our community to develop a game players will enjoy and are now seeking feedback from our community at large.
Please register for the Player Housing Beta on May 5-8 2022 and give us your feedback!

Technical Notes


1. Player housing is delivered at the same high graphic quality and FPS as the rest of the game. Player housing is instanced and uses the Unreal 4 replication graph system. After the feature Beta, we will be optimizing this system to maximize FPS.

2. We are now using Steam for downloading and patching the game at no extra cost to you. Previously downloaded clients no longer work. Returning players need to uninstall any existing clients and download the game through Steam. We made this switch to reduce download time and improve the patching experience in response to previous feedback. You can get a free Steam account here.

3. Currently, we have over four hundred textures, items, and objects that can be purchased for a player’s base. By comparison, the number for Final Fantasy XIV appears to be over 1,000, but that is a large, successful MMORPG with a long history of expansions behind it. We plan to add more options over the lifespan of Ship of Heroes, and in particular in response to requests from this feature Beta.

4. There are a couple of features in particular that are unusual in MMORPG player housing systems, like the player-controlled light levels and tint, flexible wall additions, and ability to re-size and then place objects in your base.

5. This Beta is shorter than prior Betas because we found that most of the excitement took place during the first few days. Keeping the Beta shorter allows our small team to focus on building the game and implementing your suggestions.

Your insights are really important to us, and we hope that you will answer a short survey after the Beta.

It is nice to have a place to come home to

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