Ship of Heroes, the New MMORPG, will be participating in Steam Next Fest October 2023

Oct 5, 2023

Carmel, IN – Oct. 5, 2023 – Heroic Games Corporation announced today that Ship of Heroes, a PC-based MMORPG, will be participating in Steam Next Fest October 2023 allowing gamers to play a demo of the game. This will be Ship of Heroes’ 10th public event.


Ship of Heroes is a superhero sci-fi MMORPG with an original story. In the 25th century, you are defending humanity as a citizen on the Free Human Ship Justice, a 20 miles-long generation ship traveling the galaxy. Players start their journey on the first ship level, which houses Apotheosis City and the Engineering levels. In this world, magic co-exists with advanced technology.


The demo, a very small portion of the current game, includes the character creator and the introductory Sword Blossom arc which focuses on the Engineering department aboard the FHS Justice and their quiet struggle against the Promethean menace and the evil Dr. Cornish. The arc contains seven missions, culminating in an intense battle to protect the FHS Justice and its inhabitants from assimilation.

The character creator customization options in Ship of Heroes are the best of any MMORPG and allow players to create unique characters. Five archetypes, not just the trinity, over 200 superpowers, and a system of custom augments create great variety in playing experiences. Complex and unusual game mechanics keep the game varied, interesting, and challenging. Housing, harvesting, crafting, and trading are also included in the game.

“Ship of Heroes is truly original. 77% of MMOs are fantasy or sword and sorcery. Sci-fi games often focus on spaceships or settling space colonies. Our game is about life 500 years in the future, in a world where magic and advanced technologies coexist. Ship of Heroes is also different in presenting a positive view of the future, not a post-apocalyptic one, reflected in the cheerful esthetics. 


Few new MMOs are published, far fewer than the public appears to have an appetite for, and MMOs created by an Indie team are rare. But it does not need to be this way. We have been using an innovative, low-cost high-impact development process that has gotten us this far. Success for Ship of Heroes could inspire other Indie teams to develop MMOs in the same manner.” Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games said.

Once launched, the game will be monetized exclusively by an initial download and a subscription without micro-transactions. This will support the continued development of new content. Heroic Games believe this is the best way to support its community as MMO players typically like to continue playing MMOs into which they have invested time leveling up. They also expect that this will help maintain a positive community.

For members of the press who want an interview or a guided tour of the ship, its denizens, foes, and the CCT, contact us at 


About Heroic Games Corporation

Heroic Games Corporation is an independent studio dedicated to creating Ship of Heroes. The veterans on its small team have shipped over 22 titles. Ship of Heroes is their first title as a team