Ship of Heroes Concludes its Big Invasion Event

Sep 15, 2020

Ship of Heroes is pleased to announce the successful completion of  several community tests of the Nagdellian Invasion, one of several raids and large-scale combat events Ship of Heroes plans to have.

To prepare for the live test, Ship of Heroes devs created a big battle simulator to test and perfect a few elements for larger invasions and big battle situations. The simulated invasion, “Operation Valhalla”, was used to determine how big a “big battle” can be in Ship of Heroes.

Under the worst simulated conditions, Ship of Heroes could have 60 heroes and 90 Nagdellians in the same small area and still hold about 25-30 FPS on a client computer with a 1070 GTX graphics card, which seems to be the limiting factor in games for displaying large battles. “60 + 90 is one of the highest counts for big battles in any modern MMO, and we might be able to push even higher if there was enough popular demand for it. We can even create raids with multiple simultaneous combat locations that can handle over 100 heroes and 200 Nagdellians in the same event” says CEO Casey McGeever.

In live tests, equally high FPS were experienced with over 30 heroes and many more Nagdellians, often for a total of 100 characters on the screen in the busiest fights. FPS rarely dipped below 50 in the test invasions. “For an MMO, this is world-class performance. When there are just a few of us on the screen, we often have 80-100 FPS” McGeever commented.

The invasion will be a recurring event once the game launches. Ship of Heroes will have one of the best big battle capabilities of any new MMORPG, and all of this fun will be available to new players. This is definitely not endgame content!


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Ship of Heroes is a new superhero MMORPG that combines the best elements of space and hero games aboard a generation ship traveling the galaxy 500 years in the future. Ship of Heroes will have both PVE and PVP content, along with complex harvesting, crafting, trading, and combat features. The game promises a family-friendly environment, along with an innovative storyline that allows players to explore the gigantic generation ship, join raids and counter-raids against alien ships, and land on multiple worlds as the Justice moves through space. The developers began work on the title just over five years ago, and are hitting a very rapid development schedule; Heroic Games has already shown an impressive amount of high-quality in-game content, especially for an MMO in early Beta. Visit

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