“Ship of Heroes” Awarded Indie MMO of the Year by MassivelyOP

Dec 21, 2021

On December 19, 2021, Massively OverPowered announced that it awarded its 2021 Indie MMO of the year title to Ship of Heroes.

“We are honored to have been chosen for the Indie MMO of the year award,” Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games, said. In August, Ship of Heroes unveiled a selection of missions during a beta test involving 2500 players. The event was the 6th such event, topping the March 2020 impromptu community event which had nearly 1000 participants. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive: most players created new characters, played missions multiple times, and validated the level of difficulty.

Missions were not the only component receiving praises. The story and the high degree of customization in the character creator continued to garner accolades. The character creator tool was the subject of a beta in November 2019.

It has been Heroic Games’ goal from the start to build a MMO with good graphics that did not require high end gaming gear to be enjoyed. This event confirmed that Ship of Heroes will provide a positive gaming experience on older, mid range machines with graphic cards of somewhat older design. The developers at Ship of Heroes have taken a lot of care to ensure that exceptional levels of customization do not limit multiplayer gameplay or large raids. There is often a tradeoff between character customization and FPS in MMOs, because high FPS is necessary for immersion in the game world.

About Ship of Heroes

Ship of Heroes is a new superhero MMORPG that combines the best elements of space and hero games aboard a generation ship traveling the galaxy 500 years in the future. Ship of Heroes will have both PVE and PVP content, along with complex harvesting, crafting, trading, and combat features. The game promises a family-friendly environment, along with an innovative story line that allows players to explore the gigantic generation ship, join raids and counter-raids against alien ships, and land on multiple worlds as the Justice moves through space. The developers began work on the title just over five years ago, and are hitting a very rapid development schedule; Heroic Games has already shown an impressive amount of high-quality in-game content, especially for an MMO in early Beta. Visit https://shipofheroes.com/.

About Heroic Games, Inc.

Heroic Games Corporation is an independent developer and publisher of cutting-edge Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). The firm is currently focusing on the development of a single title, Ship of Heroes, which was announced in November of 2016.