“Ship of Heroes” Announces Start of Beta Testing on Character Creation Tool

Oct 12, 2019

Donor Beta test will provide valuable feedback from user community, allowing the team to set a list of desired features before 2020 game launch.

State College, October 10, 2019 – Heroic Games announced today that the starting date for donors to participate in beta testing for the Character Creator Tool (CCT) will be November 1st, 2019. Videos related to the upcoming Beta test can be seen here and here.

“We are fulfilling our 2017 promise to open the CCT to everyone who has donated at least $50 over the last couple of years, and let them create original characters using our character models and costumes,” Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games, said. “We’ve received a large volume of suggestions and requests over the last couple of years, and most of these have been added to our character creator. Also, as we promised in the past, participants in this Beta will be able to create characters and save their character names for future use.” Those wishing to participate in the Beta have until October 15th to donate a total of at least $50 to Heroic Games. Donations are cumulative.

The new CCT Beta follows another Beta event held in December of 2018. That event proved that Ship of Heroes (SoH) could support large numbers of unique superheroes activating powers in close proximity while still delivering high FPS. More than 200 supporters took part in the last Beta. The developers at Heroic Games have a philosophy of testing controllable pieces of SoH with small groups, then testing again with larger groups, to confirm that each piece functions as intended.

“We think we’ve made the best character creation tool of any modern MMORPG in terms of scope and depth of customization. With three distinct character models, over 100 faces, more than 80 specific morphs, more than 50 kinds of eyes, dozens of costumes and hair models, and more, this is a new level of excellence in customization. What’s more, our CCT is only going to get better over time as we add new costumes, more skin, hair, fur, and other options for players with which to make their own unique avatars. Our players can make more unique characters in Ship of Heroes than there are unique adults on the earth,” McGeever added.

The developers at Ship of Heroes have taken a lot of care to ensure that exceptional levels of customization do not limit multiplayer gameplay or large raids. There is often a tradeoff between character customization and FPS in other MMOs, because high FPS is necessary for immersion in the game world. Despite this tradeoff, every character in Ship of Heroes can be distinct and unique from all other player avatars. In addition, costume pieces can be mixed, so each character can be individually outfitted to embody a player’s ideal hero concept.

Currently, Ship of Heroes developers believe they can soft-launch a streamlined version of the game by December, 2020. A growing body of gameplay can now be viewed on the game’s YouTube channel. To get more detailed information on what’s happening and influence the development of Ship of Heroes, register on their official forums at www.ShipofHeroes.com.

About Ship of Heroes

Ship of Heroes is a new superhero MMORPG that combines the best elements of space and hero games aboard a generation ship traveling the galaxy 500 years in the future. Ship of Heroes will have both PVE and PVP content, along with complex harvesting, crafting, trading, and combat features. The game promises a family-friendly environment, along with an innovative storyline that allows players to explore the gigantic generation ship, join raids and counter-raids against alien ships, and land on multiple worlds as the Justice moves through space. The developers began work on the title just over three years ago, and are hitting a very rapid development schedule; Heroic Games has already shown an impressive amount of high-quality in-game content, especially for an MMO in early Beta. Visit https://shipofheroes.com/.

About Heroic Games, Inc.

Heroic Games Corporation is a State College, Pennsylvania-based independent developer and publisher of cutting-edge Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). The firm is currently focusing on the development of a single title, Ship of Heroes, which was announced in November of 2016.