Registration for the Upgraded Housing Beta is Now Open!

Jul 19, 2022

Welcome to the Museum of Magical History, where hardly anyone gets mauled by dragons!

Registration for our second player housing Beta is now open. The Beta will run from July 22nd to July 31st, 2022. Our player housing system has been radically upgraded since our first housing Beta in May!

Many of you wished for a longer housing Beta event, so we’re throwing a second one! This is our 9th feature Beta that has been open to the public. Players will be able to create or reuse a character, roam Apotheosis City, create bases, and even play a few missions. The event is free, so don’t miss out!​

This is exactly what happens when you leave your cat alone in the base all day

(New GUI shown at the bottom)

We’ve incorporated many Beta-tester suggestions from our last Beta, as well as adding some new features of our own. The sleek new housing GUI consolidates all windows and includes many new conveniences. You can now allow other players to visit your base and look around. We’ve also added a new blank slate mode, which gives you maximum freedom to custom-design a layout, right down to placing individual wall and floor sections. There’s new furniture to check out, including multiple big fireplaces.

Wood from planets isn’t cheap, so some people burn advanced synthetic fuels instead.

In addition to visiting the bases of other players, you can preview bases now, including looking at some bases decorated by the dev team. This means you will have multiple sources for new ideas that you can improve upon.

You can open your base to visitors with the click of a button!

Ship of Heroes has an excellent email reputation with ISPs. Despite this, a few big ISPs have been delivering our newsletters, but failing to deliver registration keys. For now, we will offer guidance during the registration process with workaround solutions. We encourage you to preregister to help our small customer support team address any problems faster.

Last time, we experimented with a Beta help page. People liked it, so we’re making it a permanent feature. Beta-testers will be able to find answers to common questions and a contact form on this page, which is accessible from the website menu. This page’s contact form will get players the quickest response.

Your base can be anything – even a swanky nightclub

Finally, we want to give a big thank you to the kind volunteers who gave us feedback during and after the last Beta. It’s a huge help; many of the things we’ve put in were because of your suggestions. We rely on the input of our community to construct a game players like you will enjoy. Just like last time, Beta-testers will receive access to a survey sometime during the Beta; please do fill it out.

Register now for the upcoming player housing Beta!

This is the ultimate in futuristic bachelor pads. No curtains, no throw pillows, no mess.

Technical Notes


1. This time Beta-testers will not need to grind to get their Dust, the primary in-game currency. You will receive enough Dust to spend lavishly on multiple bases each time you log in. If you run out, just log out and log back in again.

2. Player housing is delivered at the same high graphical quality and FPS as the rest of the game. Player housing is instanced, and it already uses the Unreal 4 replication graph system.

3. We are now using Steam for downloading and patching the game. Clients downloaded prior to our move to Steam will no longer work. Returning players will need to uninstall those and download the game through Steam. We made this switch to reduce download time and improve the patching experience in response to previous feedback, and players are happy with the improvement so far. The game will automatically update when you’re logged in through Steam.

4. SoH now includes over four hundred textures, items, and objects that can be purchased for a player’s base. The equivalent number for Final Fantasy XIV appears to be over 1,000 – and that is a large, successful MMORPG with several years of expansions behind it!

5. Ship of Heroes has several features that are unusual in MMORPG player housing systems, like our player-controlled light levels and tint, flexible wall additions, and ability to resize, rotate, and individually tilt the objects you decorate your base with.

6. Unique views of Apotheosis City out the windows can wrap around the entire base. Unlike a wallpaper, the view changes as you move around.

7. A few blank slate mode examples were left incomplete so people could see what “under construction” looks like. The blank slate system is a bit fiddly, and is intended for very serious base builders.

8. During construction of a blank slate base, it is possible to go outside of your base. If you lose sight of your base, press P to see your powers, drag the teleport power onto your power bar, and use teleport to return to the entrance of housing in Apotheosis City. You can also place a Player Spawner found in the store to set the spot where you want visitors to arrive in your base.

9. Many participants in the last Beta wished for a longer housing Beta event, so we’re extending this one from 4 days to 10 days.

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