Head of Ship Security and  the Justice Corps

Iris the Great

Archmage Leader of the Mages Counsel


Chief Operations Officer of the Justice Corps

Dr. Strikewell

Chief Medical Officer
FHS Justice

Sword Blossom

Chief Engineer
FHS Justice


Chief Operations Officer of the Justice Corps

Meltdown Powers & Enemies

Meltdown is a Fire Devastator.  He is a fearless, upbeat, and creative business leader with superpowers.  Since he chose to join the Justice rather than being born on the ship, he is completely at ease with the combination of culture and opportunity aboard the ship.  Which is probably why he is one of the richest citizens as well.

Many of the other heroes are focused mostly one enemy group.  For example, Sword Blossom is locked in a deadly struggle for control of the ships systems and resources with the Prometheans.  Meltdown is focused on his business, and he will fight any of the ship’s enemies, and attempt to find something harvestable after the fight.

Powers and Knowledge Gained from Working with Meltdown

Meltdown is engaged in quite a bit of commerce, including harvesting valuable materials from life forms aboard the ship, and from defeated enemies.  Meltdown also likes to teach how to hunt monsters and dangerous life forms aboard the ship for profit, how to trigger a Nagdellian invasion for profit, and how to buy and sell things in the Auction House.  Every hero that he helps becomes a contributor to the economic success of the Justice.

Where to Find Meltdown

Meltdown in one of the Big Five NPC heroes aboard the Justice, and as such you will have the option of being introduced by Ambassador at level 1, in the “Welcome Hero” mission.  If you choose to engage with another of the Big Five, you can always return and meet Meltdown.  He is often in his luxurious office, which is located below the Ivar & Sons auction house, in the north section of Apotheosis City. 

Meltdown Story

Meltdown is a half-human hero who was born on the planet Karschk to a human mother and a Vais father; the planet’s population is a 20-80 mix of humans and Vais.  Like humans, Vais only gain superpowers through Unobtanium exposure – and neither of Meltdown’s parents had powers.  The Vais are mostly friendly to humans, but their domestic culture is hostile to commerce, and suspicious of businesses; despite that, Meltdown succeeded as a small businessman.  As a young man, he operated a small, independent shipping firm called Interstellar Exports, moving goods between his home system and neighboring ones.

As he traveled the stars, Meltdown was inspired by news stories of Hero Ships fighting evil and saving whole worlds.  After some in-depth research, he found that the Justice‘s meritocratic culture, with its emphasis on hard work and personal responsibility, strongly appealed to him as a place where anyone could get ahead.  He decided that he wanted to join the Justice and immigrated, along with several longtime friends.

Aboard the Justice, Meltdown leveraged his many contacts and his keen eye for deals to turn Interstellar Exports into a vast commercial empire.  While his primary focus was getting rich, he frequently offered philanthropic assistance to the Justice in the form of rare resources, connections, and loans.  Meltdown never shied from a fight, either, and gaining powers from Unobtanium exposure has only encouraged him.  This has made him many friends; Meltdown is almost as popular as Ambassador.  Over the years, he did so much to aid both the ship’s crew and the Justice Corps that Ambassador hired him as Chief Operations Officer of the Corps, joking that he was “just making it official.”

Under Meltdown’s leadership, the Operations department now handles the commercial side of the Justice Corp’s ventures – harvesting, crafting, and trading, often in dangerous locations. Meltdown has offices under the Ivar and Sons auction house and in the Justice Corps HQ building, but he can usually be found out in the field. His temperament is well-suited to the job; he’s a tireless and hands-on leader, always trying risky plans and personally exploring new venues, while he gives his most trusted subordinates wide freedom to make decisions in his absence.

While he is able and willing to fight for the ship in emergencies, Meltdown believes that his greatest accomplishment is building and paying for the cool toys that keep his friends alive. He is currently the richest of the “big five” heroes, followed by Iris, and is happily married to a civilian woman – see if you can spot her in our older videos!