Head of Ship Security and  the Justice Corps

Iris the Great

Archmage Leader of the Mages Counsel


Chief Operations Officer of the Justice Corps

Dr. Strikewell

Chief Medical Officer
FHS Justice

Sword Blossom

Chief Engineer
FHS Justice

Iris the Great

Archmage Leader of the Mages Counsel

Iris the Great Powers & Enemies

Iris, as Archmage, runs the Magic Academy and was elected to lead the League of Mages. She is a Devastator. She is opposed by the Red Sigil, which secretly aims to take over and rule the ship so that all of its wealth can be devoted to better training and equipping mages.

Iris is a typical mage in many regards: she spends long hours training and honing her favored spells, slowly gaining incremental improvements even with the ones she is viewed as being a master of already.  However, her kind and nurturing attitude stands out; unlike many mages, she goes out of her way to teach and protect novices.  This has led to a gradual divide between those who are fanatically loyal to her, and those who believe she is betraying the magical ideal by coddling the next generation.  Since she is more politically aware and active than most mages, she has ended up in a somewhat precarious leadership position.  While she is popular with the weakest mages, the stronger ones are mainly relieved that someone else is handling the politics – whether it’s Iris or the Red Sigil doesn’t matter to them.  Outside of her work, Iris is a firm proponent of law and order aboard the ship, and has popularized several parts of the Justice‘s current legal code.

She tries to contain the mage faction’s excesses, and takes the view that the ship is fine the way it is. 

Powers and Knowledge Gained from Working with Iris the Great

Iris the Great and the League of Mages are strong contributors to the ship economy through the export of magical items.  Iris the Great likes to teach how to craft a wide variety of magical items that can be used to protect against magical attacks. These magical items can be for personal use or for trading in the Auction House.

Where to Find Iris the Great

Iris the Great is one of the Big Five NPC heroes aboard the Justice, and as such you will have the option of being introduced by Ambassador at level 1, in the “Welcome Hero” mission.  If you choose to engage with another of the Big Five, you can always return and meet Iris the Great later.  She is usually found in her office in the Mage’s Guild HQ located in the magical district, which is located in the northwest section of Apotheosis City.

Iris the Great Story

Iris Singh was born aboard the Justice to immigrant parents. Neither of them had practiced magic at the time, but when Iris was a small child, her father became interested in it. Magic is easier to learn in space, without the interference of planetary energies. Iris learned to enjoy it along with her father as she grew up. Though she is not a superhero in the sense of gaining powers from unobtanium dust, she is an excellent mage, and a proponent of widespread magic use.

Iris was a brilliant and hard-working student at the magical academy.  Unlike most of her peers, she regularly spared time to help struggling novices, and her friends jokingly called her “Iris the Great” for this compassion long before she became magically powerful.

These days, the title is more accurate; Iris is one of the most powerful and wealthy mages aboard the Justice, a Devastator specializing in dark magic blasts and luck magic.  Between her personal skill and her positive reputation, she’s been elected archmage of the Mage’s Guild several times.  Iris is kind and patient with her friends, but bold and aggressive in dealing with any problems.  To fund magical research, security, and large-scale teaching, she has encouraged mages to embrace crafting, making the Justice a major exporter of enchanted weapons, infusions, and augments.

Of the Founding Five, Iris works the most closely with Meltdown, who arranges favorable large-scale trade deals for magical items produced on the Justice.  Thanks to low taxes and high demand for such goods on nearby planets, mages aboard the ship tend to be extremely wealthy, even compared to the ship’s high standard of living.  Iris also sometimes works with Sword Blossom in fighting the Prometheans, evil cyborgs who are bitter enemies of all mages.  But most of her time is spent handling mage-related disputes and managing the Mage’s Guild.

Magical politics are somewhat distinct from the rest of the population.  Most mages simply want to hone their personal skills; they’re happy with their current situation, but they don’t really care who’s in charge.  A few, like Iris, are aware of the other threats to the ship, and friendly to heroes.  Another, larger group is more arrogant, and wants to put mages in charge of the ship, by force if necessary.  Iris entered politics not because she’s an amazing politician or an ambitious person, but because there was no one else on the pro-hero side; she stepped up to prevent a bloody war between mages and heroes.  So far she has maintained a shaky majority among mages through her personal charm and good reputation, but enemies are lurking in the shadows…