Internal Video Six – How Fast is Too fast?

May 9, 2020

In the recent SoH community event, we got some feedback that our combat is now too fast. So we went through the various powersets looking for the fastest one.

Twin Swords currently delivers the fastest combat experience – the Blink and Slash power puts a Brawler right on top of enemies without warning, and the other attack powers have short recharge times. In other words, a Twin Swords Brawler is a burst character.

Teleporting puts the ”burst” in “burst character”!

Here we have a Twin Swords Brawler fighting in the Hazard Zone of Apotheosis City. We named him Slash, and we started recording when he was about level 15 so that we could show the character with a nice selection of attack powers and buffs. The big question for all of you in the community is this: is this combat too fast? Too slow? What, if anything, should change? We have slower powersets, but if you want something more fast-paced than Twin Swords, let us know. As you all know, we adapt to the feedback that we get, so please weigh in with your opinions, preferably in the game forums.

Not pictured: years of acrobatics classes.

This time we use all three travel powers: teleportation, superspeed, and flying. Also, during the fight sequences, it really matters whether or not Slash has activated his buffs and infusions. These features greatly increase his speed and effectiveness, even against purple enemies; while buffed, Slash can fight and kill enemies several levels above him with his speed and high damage. At the end he activates his buffs, consumes a huge pile of infusions, and attacks that Nagdellian super-boss in the southwest corner of the Hazard Zone. That’s still a no-go for a single hero… usually.

A test of might. Few are worthy.

This is a quick internal video – we’re looking for your opinions and preferences. Some of the other feedback that we received, and which has been implemented since the community event ended, includes these items: Teaming XP and rewards are now working. This will be shown at the next event. Our first version of side-kicking and mentoring is now working.

Please remember to power up responsibly before combat.

The next video that we have planned is completely different than anything we’ve shown before. We’re not going to say just what it is, but the working title may give you some hints. We’re calling it “Operation Valhalla.” Let us know what you think about the speed of melee combat in SoH!

Technical Notes


1. This is internal footage produced by having one of our devs making a run through on the development server with a Twin Swords Brawler. As such, it was just recorded and then cut down to size. The gameplay was in a client and server arrangement – the same one that all of you used in the recent community event. 2. We stopped to show that Slash is equipped with standard augments in his powers, and that he uses a combination of damage and accuracy augments for his attack powers and efficiency augments for his buff powers. For a burst character, managing recharge time is also critical, but he seems to be okay on recharge in this incarnation. 3. Viewers complained that the last video showed combat at night, so we recorded this one in the daytime. 4. Street sweeping is the easiest part of SoH. Still, should a level 15 player be able to defeat a level 18 enemy with good tactics? That is one of the questions that you get to opine about in our forums.

Also, don’t forget to go to the trainer after you level up!