How to Play Ship of Heroes’ Devastator

Feb 8, 2024

In Ship of Heroes, a Devastator is a long range damage dealer with additional capabilities. Flexible and powerful, a Devastator is well suited to solo playing. But it does take some tactical expertise to play it well.

Let’s pause and ask ourselves this question: how does one actually play a Devastator well? It starts by designing your character to match your play style.

The Devastator is first a long-range damage dealer. No archetype in Ship of Heroes is all damage – think how boring that would be to play! What you choose and how you use the secondary powerset com-plements your damage powers and makes you better at some roles than at others.

You have two choices for this secondary powerset:

1. Mostly buffing, which includes healing.
2. Mostly debuffing.

Finally, you should consider two other factors in designing your Devastator: your maximum range, and your level of squishiness.

Two powers with different ranges

If you prefer to play an all damage, all the time character, you might find a hit-and-run strategy to be an ideal fit. You will keep most of the enemies out of their range of detection, while picking them off one at a time. This is a mobile combat strategy, and it works in SoH. You will want to slot some of your powers for extra range to achieve this, as no infusion increases the range of your powers.

Fire an attack or two at max range, then back up so foes have a hard time hitting back.

For a more durable character, it is possible to increase both defense and resistance on your Devastator by choosing more toughness powers and fewer attack powers. This will make you less squishy, and tougher in combat. Judicious use of Augments will round up your character. For those who want to roll over enemies, one mob at a time, this is probably the best strategy.

One can also stock up on infusions to improve defense, resistance, damage, and accuracy, and apply them regularly during fights. You don’t need to worry much about running out as enemies drop infusions. Even after half a mission’s fighting, you will likely have more in your infusion tray if you left room for them to drop. And if you do run low, there are often infusion vending stations in mission maps.

“I’d better buff the Tanker now, or we might all be defeated.” – Devastator

On a team, as a Devastator you are no longer the focus of all enemy attacks. You can primarily deliver damage and just carry some green infusions at all times for self-healing or regen boost. Follow the Tanker and blast those enemies with your damage! A proven strategy that works well and allows missions to be completed quickly. It’s also fun.

Of course, fragile all-damage teams can also be fun. But a mix is usually better.

As a Devastator, you will want to know exactly what your powers can do, and especially how to use them in combination. Ship of Heroes is most definitely not one of those games where you trot through a dark, massive dungeon spamming one enormously overpowered AOE attack five hundred times in a row. You will want to consider your best attack chain for any situation. While Ship of Heroes does not require you to memorize five different attack chains, each with 20 attacks in a particular order, you should have a sense of what you can do and why you would do it.

For example, suppose you choose to create a Fiery Blast Devastator. That is, your primary powerset is Fiery Blast. Fiery Blast’s powers are not rooted – you can shoot your fireballs at enemies while running. You don’t need to stop, letting them catch up to you, if you want to attack. Normally, in a straight up exchange of attacks with a mob of five or six yellow and orange enemies, this mob will kill you. How do you turn the tables? Many players will use kiting, where you pull off one or two of the enemies, kill them and then return to get a couple more until the mob defeated. But in SoH, there are actually many paths to victory, and many of them depend on using both of your powersets, not just the damage primary set.

“Ha! Can’t catch me now!”

Fighting an arch villain is best done as a team. From the Devastators’ perspective, a team generally allows the Devastator to avoid most of the aggro from a very powerful enemy, reducing the chance of being one-shotted. On a team, a Devastator can be constantly assessing the situation, and may shift between damage and debuff or healing depending upon the situation, and accounting for the strengths and weakness of the team members. The Devastators’ combination of flexibility and pure damage output is showcased best in a team situation.

“Everyone can see that I’m carrying this team.” – every hero, in their own mind.

Whether playing solo or on a team, the Devastator is a flexible archetype and a good choice for casual players and for any player who is relatively new to the MMORPG scene.

Technical Notes


• Applied buffs and debuffs can be seen below the nameplate, along with their remaining active time. This is true for players and enemies.

• Flight is a great way to escape aggro in most missions. Most. Not all….

• SoH allows players to easily obtain healing infusions, as many games do. But we also allow players to buy regen buffing infusions, which are really powerful in a lot of situations.

• Augments can further enhance your Devastator build.

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