Hospital Video for the CCT Beta

Oct 11, 2019

The next big thing we’re working towards is the upcoming character creator Beta for Ship of Heroes. As part of the CCT Beta, you’ll be able to run around in Apotheosis City and see how things look for yourself. One of the places you’ll be able to visit is the hospital, a critical place for both players and NPCs alike. The hospital will be a permanent addition to the map of Apotheosis City, and will be open to all players.

The white cross on a red background remains a popular emblem for hospitals even centuries into the future.

The hospital is what we call a public instance, which any player can enter. We’ve previously shown a couple of private instances, which are only open to players who meet some condition, like being on the right mission or task force. There’s no combat inside the hospital. Instead, it’s a place for characters to take missions, or to be resurrected after reaching a point where they can no longer fight.

Green is good, right Doc? …Doc?

The hospital has a realistic interior, but it also has good performance. Though we don’t show it in this video, the FPS hovers around 100 while we have NPCs coming and going inside the instance to simulate the feel of a real hospital. It is worth noting that a player can adjust the settings for SoH on the fly to raise FPS by several different means. This video was taken on Ultra settings. You can see a lot of dynamic lighting and reflection effects with these settings.

Can you tell which of these was taken after civilians ran indoors due to an alien attack? We’re betting you can!

Of course, reviving a character from near-death is not the only thing the hospital is good for! Doctor Strikewell, one of our signature heroes, has her large administrators office deep in the management side of the hospital. A skilled hero could take missions from her and continue down a story arc once the game is launched. There are also vendors selling consumable items just outside for heroes who need to restock after suffering a defeat.

One day you too might have an office this big.

We’re building so much new content for the CCT Beta that it’s going to take at least two more videos to show it all. The current plan is to do a video focusing on the many different things you can do with the CCT during the Beta, particularly for your heroes’ faces. After that, we’ll most likely reveal several new capes, along with other odds and ends that may not have made it into other CCT videos.

Splashing around in the fountain is forbidden. Naturally, everyone does it on their first visit.

Technical Notes


1. The hospital music is licensed, and we currently intend to keep it in place as background music. The volume has been set low enough that it shouldn’t be a problem for players who are in the building for an extended period.

2. It is possible for a player to turn off the music for the hospital for their character only while in an instance of the hospital. We discovered this by accident while testing our player-side sound adjustment tools.

3. Some elements of the map design are intended to reflect future modern appearance. Notice that there are original art works on the walls.

4. The two pictures with Snow Drift looking down at the lobby illustrates dynamic loading of NPCs, which is a feature in SoH. The same NPCs are not always in the same places each time you visit, which is an improvement over the way many MMOs do things.