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What is the Starboard Lounge for?
1740 Posts
May 4, 2017 - 9:46 am

Flagwaver, GladDog, and Eulb walk into the Starboard Lounge, and sit next to each other at the bar. Penniguin looks at them, and is perplexed. They are in impeccable condition, other than GladDog has a slightly black and blue eye. She stands up, walks over to the trio and puts her hand on Eulb's shoulder and says, "I thought you all were going to go fight some SRAGs. But other than GladDog's eye, you look like you are all are going to a party." Eulb turns, and with a face bereft of emotion says, "We got there and there were a dozen or maybe more SRAGs, and we were kinda worried. Then GladDog says, "OK gang, make sure your ass is covered."

The next thing you know, Flag, 'Dog and I are cowering in fear, and Gladness glares at us mercilessly as she goes into the middle of the SRAGs. A Black cloud expands from her body, and the next thing you know, there are SRAG body parts everywhere."

The she walked away towards the nearby apartments, and says, "The fear will fade." Then she smacks GladDog upside the head and says, "Thanks for reminding me about UNCOVERING MY ASS!"

Penniguin, noting GladDog's black and blue eye, says, "Is she always that violent?" 'Dog sighs, rubs his eyes and says, "Only when she's awake." Then he takes a big gulp of his beer... "Actually, she is pretty sweet, unless people see her butt..."

1224 Posts
April 29, 2017 - 10:06 pm

With a Look of pure amazement on my face ... I'm still staring at the space in which JestersGhost disappeared into ...and taking an old pair of Levi jeans with that ball of puff .... WOW ...

Wait the rooms growing dark and i might say cold ... as i draw my vision from the puff to a Dark ...Black .. Thing ... entering the lounge from the port side i might add , the commanding voice booms out " ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION " i guess i should but i'm distracted by the presents emerging from the darkness ... she is just so ... SO cute .... with power ... its very distracting. My thoughts of distraction are broken by a crushing sound, follow by a flash of light that was meant to fry ever circuit in the close vicinity not protected by a bismuth ciricterety shield.

Not again X-307 goes down and i see his systems trying to reboot ... i wonder how many time this has happened to the innocent bot-tender... ill never get paid for the last shipment of peach / moonshine I delivered to him.

A Beep sounds form my CEI ( communication ear-implant ) glad i had it up graded with Bismuth shield at the last planet we explored ... " Yes Flagwaver I'll be there soon , is GladDog there yet ?... what a mess his sister caused to poor old X-307 ...those SRAG's ( supernatural robot alien gang members ) invading the sewage treatment plant are not going to fair well when she gets there.... she is pissed .... off ....

1740 Posts
April 28, 2017 - 8:25 am

A black... thing... enters the bar. It walks in, and EVERYONE is paying attention; the hostility it is giving off is palpable! With everyone in the bar paralyzed with fear, the murky outer layers fade, and everyone can see it is Gladness. But the look on her face would bring the greatest Supernatural Robot Alien Gang Member to its knees...


She walks up to one of the patrons, and she touches his shoulder. Unknown to him, she used Touch of Fear. The color in his face drains, and he pisses himself. "N-NO! It-it wasn't me, and I won't take another picture of a g-girl's butt e-ver again!

"YOU TAKE PICTURES OF GIRL'S BUTTS? Give me your phone, RIGHT NOW!" He feels like his heart is going to stop beating any second! He pulls out his phone, and she takes it from him and crushes it. It looks like she has some level of super strength too!

She then walks away and with a pleasant, friendly look on her face says, "So, does anyone here have a picture of my butt on their phone?" She sees a few people pulling out their phones, like they are going to maybe mail a picture to someone? That pleasant face changes to a look of death, and she drops her hands to her knees, and then raises them up. A dark cloud forms around her spreading throughout the bar, and then flashes white.

All of the people are aghast! Their phones are just showing a white screen, like they are blank slates!

Then she sees that the robotender has slumped over like he was turned off, and then she sees flashing lights like he is rebooting. "Sorry about that Robotender 3000 X-307."

Then she turns and leaves the bar.

969 Posts
April 23, 2017 - 1:14 pm

Harlequynne, who is suddenly siting opposite Penniguin nods sagely. "what do we say, Dot?" She looks over at the animated character taking up a third seat around the table, who replies with an exaggerated eye-roll and sigh. "Boys!"

The greyscale clown stands. "She might have had something on under the skirt, but underneath my trousers, I have absolutely nothing. Look!" She whips off her trousers sideways (somehow without tearing them) to reveal...

...absolutely nothing. Her upper torso is now just floating in mid-air. She waves a hand underneath herself a few times. "See? Nothing at all. Apparently y'all find that exciting. Yes? No?" She looks around at the mixture of annoyed and amused faces. "Wow, tough crowd". She dives into one leg of the trousers she's still holding and disappears, which then roll up on themselves into a vanishing ball.

quantum sufficit

136 Posts
April 23, 2017 - 2:25 am

Once again, Penniguin looks up from her latest knitting project and coffee and rolls her eyes. Under her breath, she mutters, "Silly boys! They are not panties, they are not underwear. They are spandex, bikini bottoms under her super hero skirt. I sure hope this ship has a "Serge the tailor" to help these guys out with some fashion sense. "

1224 Posts
April 23, 2017 - 1:44 am

A sudden flash of light came form the Port side of the starboard lounge, and a portal opens .... jumping out head first dodging several very ominous bolts of dark energy I somersault ... tuck and roll with sword drawn facing backwards and i slide to face what ever enemy i thought that would try following me through the emergency portal ...." Whew i bit of more that i chew that time" ..... as the portal closes with no SAGR's ( supernatural alien gang member robots )made it through. I look up from the floor in the middle of the lounge i see GladDog carrying his sister out the north hatch,
"Hey Glad she has pretty pink underwear .... " out of the corner of my eye I also see X-307 being pinned against the back of the bar mirror with a cloud of dark energy ,and I here a very sad... " BIZZZzzzzz notttt..... aaaagain... nnnnn"

1740 Posts
April 21, 2017 - 7:24 am

Gladness barges into the Starboard lounge. "GLADDOG! GET YOUR ASS UP AND BACK TO THE SHOP!!" She looks around and sees he isn't here! She shrugs her shoulders and walks to the bar and orders an Ale. Someone asks, "I thought you were the sensible one." She smirks and says, "Dog and I have a rule, only one of us can go nuts at a time." She orders a second ale, and X-307 says "Bzzt click Will you be O*bzzt*K miss?" She replies, "Eh, these Dark powers I have consume a lot of calories, and Ale really hits the spot." She orders two more and then shoots them down. She gets a little disoriented. "Wow, that's some good ale." She beckons for the robotender to come near, She touches his neck and releases some dark energy. "Thatch'z mah healin' p'w'r. Let'ssss seeee if id'll fix yer v-v-voice." Then her forehead drops to the counter.

A moment later GladDog walks in. He sees Gladness half asleep at the counter. He walks up to her. "'Sis, you found some good Ale I see." She flips back and nods her head with a little effort. She says, "I went to get yer azz outta bed, but you wernt theeere." He replies, "You know I like to sleep curled up on that plush rug in the closet." She looks at him blankly, tries to nod and then she passes out.

He picks her up and throws her on his shoulder. Suddenly a bunch of photo flashes go off. 'Dog turns and notices she is wearing a short skirt. Under his breath he says, "I hope she is wearing panties..." And walks out to the waiting cab.

Robotender X-307 is back at work, but a small, almost unnoticeable dark cloud is clinging to his neck area...

Robotender3000 X-307
6 Posts
April 21, 2017 - 1:28 am

*beep*... *beeeep* ... *click* ... *whiiiiiirrrrrrrrr*

Hardly the paradigm of modern android technology, it takes several minutes for X-307 to reboot. These lockups are more frequent lately, and can be triggered by surges of nearby energy. With heroes everywhere, it doesn't take much to set him off--literally.

Gooood Morning Patrons!

Ah, it seems my voice synthesizer is functioning properly. Perhaps all I needed was a clean reboooo...Oo..Ooo.ooo sppzzztt ...Ooot.

A small spark leaps from X-307's neck and the tiniest puff of smoke shoots forth.

bzzrt... Well then...

As if tiny puffs of smoke were all completely normal, and with the professional demeanor the Robotender brand is famous for, X-307 whirs away to help another guest.

1224 Posts
April 19, 2017 - 4:33 pm

Being distracted by Dakosan trying to conjure up a new out fit with a flip of the wrist from the corner table , that is a good trick ...i think as i continue move over to the one who started all these thoughts in my mind.... supernatural alien game-member robots ... i just have not been productive enough in my culling of the supernatural alien game-member robots, it will be better some day if i remain faithful, as i shake Flagwaver's shoulder i look to see that his gun safety in on .... hay buddy.... hay HREO !!!

20 Posts
April 18, 2017 - 11:57 pm

*shaking the cobwebs out of his head, he stumbles over to a corner table.*

*placing his wristband on the table and makes some obscure hand gestures..."

This, ladies and gents, if I may use those terms (even loosely), is my portable CCT Terminal. Time to whip up a cool looking, evil-doer fighting, city saving, citizen rescuing set of digs...

* looks around *

Uhmm, this may take a while....

* muttering to himself *

Now, what body type screams "SURRENDER EVIL-DOER!?"

* and the fiddling begins... *

1224 Posts
April 17, 2017 - 12:44 am

Wow what a commotion... and i only just got a glimpse of Harleguynne ,as i sonder toward the bar and ask X-307 ... " did you see the door in the corner open and close ???? I wait .... and see nothing in its operation... like he was controlled by an outside influence .... did Golden stone with his teleport piller cause the bot-tender to malfunction some how or ????? ... was another unseen influence causing X-307 to be unresponsive .... HOW am i going to buy a drink for FlagWaver ...so i can get him to discuss the " hanger port " ... Below ?

969 Posts
April 16, 2017 - 3:57 pm

The monochrome, patchwork figure of Harlequynne steps out from behind a pole that is clearly far too thin to have concealed her.

"What we need around here is actually ">** you do not have permission to see this link **" she exclaims dramatically, pointing at a corner of the room, where a hidden door suddenly springs open...

Then closes again quietly. You'd swear the door was looking at you with an innocent expression, as if it was shrugging and saying, "What?"

When you look round, Harlequynne has predictably vanished.

"How the hell did she pronounce a weblink?" you hear someone mutter.

quantum sufficit

1740 Posts
April 15, 2017 - 8:34 pm

(OOC) of course! looking forward to how they work the lore into the game! I bet they are really badass too!

89 Posts
April 15, 2017 - 8:01 pm

((OOC: You realize that they're probably going to find a way to add Supernatural Robot Alien Gang members, right?))

Golden Stone
18 Posts
April 15, 2017 - 4:20 am

In the midst of the clamor, a low, angry, baritone and seemingly disembodied voice comes from a decorative marble column in the middle of the lounge. "Nap is over. Supernatural robot alien gang members? Where!" The column fissures with magma, and quickly melts away to reveal an eight foot tall gold and black suit of armor seemingly cobbled together from different times throughout human history. After quickly scanning the room, a disappointed Golden Stone shrugs and teleports to a seat at the bar while pulling a gallon sized coffee mug from thin air; looks at the group and growls "Mornin' ".

1224 Posts
April 15, 2017 - 12:43 am

AAAh a new day and time to check in with my buddies in starboard lounge, as I approach the port entrance to the starboard lounge i get a thought
" Docking- bay ... below ?? " how can one have a below on a cylindrical ship, I"ll have to present this conundrum to " Flagwaver " He'll know .

As reach for the door i here a loud commotion of buzzes , beeps . thuds , and yelling " that's not my order " , other voices "ouch, watch those are...
and other sounds of, ion-charging force fields.

AAAh its going to be a Grate day aboard ...Heroship Justice.

1740 Posts
April 13, 2017 - 8:37 am

(OOC) OMG why can't a bar like this exist in real life?

1740 Posts
April 13, 2017 - 7:46 am

Gladness senses she caused a bit of commotion, turns to see several people staring at her. "Don't get the wrong idea, I'm his excessively violent sister, and NORMALLY," she glares at GladDog's unconscious face, "I save the aggression for the supernatural robot alien gang members."

She settles GladDog a bit better on her shoulder and walks out to a waiting taxi, where she unceremoniously tosses him im the back seat, and then gets in the passenger seat as the taxi drives off.

136 Posts
April 13, 2017 - 12:21 am

Startled by Flagweaver jumping up, Penniguin looks up from her knitting. "WHAT!?! SUPERNATURAL ALIEN GANG MEMBER ROBOTS!" And thinks to herself, thank God, this scarf is already 18 feet long! She pulls her extra long, razor sharp knitting needles from their sheath and prepares for for battle. Before battle though, Penniguin walks over to bar and wraps the the extra long scarf around Dakosan Embarassed

1224 Posts
April 12, 2017 - 11:40 pm

I pause after opening the Port door, just in time to here a 2 whooshis past me , one in and the other out . As i spin around i take note of the commotion in the bar Flagwaver jumping up pumping a gun into the air yelling " get um " hope that gun has its safety on , wait there's more GladDog is being picked up by a very cute gal with braided hair being carried to the north door and , how did Dakoson get into the bar naked... Hummmm. Did some one with super speed take his clothes off .... bet its his spouse trying to make a point ...May be like GladDog getting encouraged to get back to work by his .... need to team more with Dakoson to find out who's taking his attire with Super Speed... Yep its shaping up to be another adventurous day here aboard SOH.

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