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The Meeting
1224 Posts
September 29, 2017 - 11:19 am

entering the Starboard Lounge from the port hatch I sense that there has been a activity regarding the building of a relationships and team work ...
As i walk in i slip and end up flat on my back in a puddle of colored water ... " Ok why haven't the drones cleaned this up some one can hurt then self's..." thinking ... yeah 52 card pick up...

203 Posts
September 20, 2017 - 10:01 am

"Lots of energy, this one." Steph commented. "A LOT of energy."

"Yes." Ace replied. "It is possible that the Promethians did not just randomly snatch this one up. Can you see about getting Becky home? I'll run Crystal by the Med Center to have her checked out. This little princess will have to learn some control before she becomes a queen."

969 Posts
September 19, 2017 - 6:07 pm

OOC: So yeah, I present the new Queen of Diamonds. A rename of a character I had in CoH called Channeller, an Ice/Nrg tanker who drew in the power from around her and enemies' attacks and redirected it into here attacks. Figured an Ice/ tank would make a good fit for the name Queen of Diamonds, and she was probably my favourite tank I had. And yes, she's a tiny schoolgirl because I wanted the most un-tank-like character I could think of 🙂

Massive thanks to Warhead for going along with my idea of a joint story, been fun working with ya 😛

quantum sufficit

969 Posts
September 19, 2017 - 6:02 pm

There was another burst of energy and the last few Prometheans standing...weren't. Ace could finally see who they had been surrounding, after a fashion. There was a pink, angular shape, all shifting planes and glinting refractions that mocked his brain's attempts to organise.

"Aww poop. There's nobody left to play with."

"Did that sound like a young girl to you too?" 2 asked from his right.

Ace nodded, but before he could reply he was engulfed in a decidedly un-soft hug. "Hey, I know you, you're the Ace of Spades! I'm like your biggest fan. Can I have an autograph? Hey, who are you? Are you new? Wait, you're Mirage. Oh, that's sooo cool. You've joined the House of Cards too. This is like, the best day ever. Can I have your autograph as well? Oh man. This is sooo cool."

There was the briefest of pauses, but before they could take advantage of it, "Oh, sorry, that must have hurt. Sorry. I'm Crystal. Funny huh? Look, I'm covered in crystals. Well, actually I think it's ice, 'cos it's getting really rather cold and damp in here. Not sure how to get rid of it though. It all just appeared. I got really angry with those mean Promethies, they were all shouting and stuff and were going to hit Becky and suddenly I was covered in this and when I hit them they went flying and nothing they did seemed to hurt and it was so exciting and fun and it felt great to keep my friends safe and my names Crystal did I say that already and ooh can I join now I've got powers? That would be, super cool! I could be the Queen of Diamonds, 'cos I'm all shiny and my name's Crystal and that be like super appropriate I feel ti..."

She slumped to the floor suddenly as the last remnants of the pink ice melted, somehow, into normal coloured water.

"I really hope she's just unconscious."

"Don't even start."

quantum sufficit

1224 Posts
September 14, 2017 - 12:47 pm

" Well its not [size=150]as[/size] fun when you have clean up bots doing the work " Eulb answering Galactus55 while pushing a small sample bottle of "Peach shine" over to his space on the bar ... " try this and tell X-307 if you like it , when he gets put back together of course the repair bots "

278 Posts
September 12, 2017 - 9:44 pm

Warhead post_id=5886 time=1504897171 user_id=2464 said:

Steph, now 2 of Diamonds, turned to Ace of Spades, "You might want to have Joker check him out.", she commented.

"Yes ...", Ace replied. "although I think he just got me out of that tab."

Steph looks across the table...without blinking and says in a slow steady voice [size=150]"Ever played 52 pickup"!?

203 Posts
September 8, 2017 - 2:59 pm

Steph, now 2 of Diamonds, turned to Ace of Spades, "You might want to have Joker check him out.", she commented.

"Yes ...", Ace replied. "although I think he just got me out of that tab."

1224 Posts
September 8, 2017 - 12:59 pm

Finishing my conversation with X-307 " need another order of spirits ??? " I notice a figure enter the Lounge ... " AAH yes The Chihuahua Kid "

As I here X-307 say " Hay we don't server your ... " It didn't finish the last word before " The Kid " leaped at X-307 ,vaulting over the bar and grabbing
X-307 by the left arm , spinning around the back grabbing the right arm and standing on X-307's back. The Kid started pulling on both arms extending both far beyond there radius designed by it's manufactures . With a shower of bolts, washers, connectors and wires both arms detach with ease and " The Kid " starts betting X-307's head with X-307's arms. " STooooop eeeeee zzzzeeetttttt......." X-307 shuts down with a wimpier ...

With a easy toss onto the bar of X-307's left arm, The Kid walks over to the corner table where The Kid places the right arm on the table where " ACE" is sitting . "Please" The Kid said ... place me on you " SSG " list Use " 4 of clubs -/- 4 puppy paws..." turns and starts to walk away .

As "The Chihuahua Kid" is leaving he tips his hat toward the lady " Steph " who just finished conducting business with " ACE "...and departs the north hatch of the " Starboard Lounge " .

I think ... self... " AHH puppy love "

969 Posts
September 7, 2017 - 7:00 am

[OOC] *clap* very nice. Soon as I figure out what powers I want for her, I'll do one for Queen of Diamonds 🙂

quantum sufficit

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