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Superhero high
1224 Posts
January 1, 2018 - 8:38 pm

As the conversation with Dr. Strikewell ebbs to quite , I see a sad expression on GladSmite's face , I should see elation he did well in the fight .

We are all startled from a Loud Fizzle and a Pop as portal opens a repulsion bubble starts to surround GladSmite , pushing those round him against the nearby walls with such force that we are all stunned and can't move...

As we all are flying back we see a Boss-SRAG jump through the portal, grab GladSmite and vault back through the portal before the Repulsion bubble dissipates, as we all start to recover from the repulsion field Ambassador yells " Those SRAG's want the that weapon GladSmite found.

I touch my CEI and tell the operator to track the transit portal that opened at this location to its destination....

After receiving the answer from the operator... I tell everone " Yep just as I thought the " Sewer Processing Plant "

every one starts requesting through there CEI's team members for there...

1740 Posts
December 28, 2017 - 9:19 pm

Everyone starts looking around the large room where the battle took place. We are here looking for a former hero's Legendary weapon; the Halberd of the Paladin. This mystic weapon is an exceptional supplier of power to the rarest type of hero, the Divine Knight. It has been on display in the Hero's museum ever since the last divine hero retired about 3 decades ago. The Nags broke in and took it; I guess they wanted to learn what 'divine' means.

Suddenly a portal opens and a HUGE Nagdellian Elite Leader comes through! Ambassador starts to energize his defenses, but it is too late. The Nag hits him once and Ambassador is thrown against the wall unconscious. Dr Strikewell tries to heal him, but the Nag fires a sonic blast at her, causing her to lose her concentration and she is stunned by the beast! Green Pants Man and Eulb form a wall in front of me, and even though my healing is pathetic, it is better than nothing!

Or at least I thought it would be...

The beast knocks Green Pants Man out with a single blow, and then backhands Eulb into a wall! Just the energy of this blow knocks me on my butt!

This Nag is probably one of strongest one in their race... Where Eulb hits the wall, a hidden panel opens, and there it is... the Halberd of the Paladin. It falls out right next to me, but I barely notice. The Nag is slowly walking towards me, with what passes for a smile on his face.

As I back away from him using my hands and heels to slide on my butt, my hand touches the Halberd.

Space. Around me is empty space backdropped by a beautiful plethora of stars. The room I was in, and for that matter the Heroship Justice, is nowhere to be seen. I'm not standing on anything. The Halberd is in my hand, and I sense it is trying to tell me something, something about my place in the Universe. And I understand what it is saying...

I find myself back in the room, and point the Halberd at the Nag, firing a bolt of pure white energy at it. The Nag is blasted hard against the wall behind him, flying about 40 feet before he hits it! I feel the strength in my legs, the strength that my dad must have. I leap straight up in the air, and land right on top of the Nag, smashing its skull with the mace that acts as a counterbalance weight at the end of the Halberd, knocking him out.

As I look at the scene, I figure it out; the reason I had no real power was that I was acting like an empathy healer, when in fact I am... a Paladin.

I use my healing power, strengthened by the power of this marvelous weapon, to wake up the team, and then tell them what happened.

Eulb is rubbing the back of his head as he says, "Man, I was worried that you were going to get killed, and I was going to have to explain it to your dad from a hospital bed. But it looks like you were the least of my worries!"

I chuckle as I rely, "I think I am going to have to pull an all-nighter to write that report!"

1224 Posts
December 28, 2017 - 6:47 pm

As we head down the hall toward the front entrance I inform GladSmite that "Green Pants Man " will be there and please stay behind the tank so you won't get hurt ... we'll let you in on a few kills ... OK...

As we exit GladSmite is all ready flying past me with a whoosh ... I yell "it's at the bongo building "
When we arrive GladSmite is directed by Ambassador to target through him and Dr. Strikewell will back him up with healing just in case the fight gets to rang-punkish...

Falling into a V formation behind Ambassador ... that is when I notice that a escape portal is starting to open behind the Nag. 2nd line of attack. Obviously they know who they have inadvertently drawn into a fight and are planning to leave ...

I engage SS and vault over the 2nd line straight toward the portal ... pulling my sword and striking the dilating event horizon ... as the sword metal interrupts the event horizon expansion , the portal collapses with a pop ...but not before the captain of the Nag.'s attacking group jumps through and is caught by the collapsing event horizon chopping off his legs above the knees.

The fight wines down and I find GladSmite staring down at the legs of the Nag. captain. " most likely when the clean-up drones deposit those into a recycling unit for disposable that Nag. captain will have already gotten anatomic replacement limbs ... those Nag's are in tight with SRAG's they can build those things fast ..." I tell GladSmite... " don't for get to turn in your report to Mr. Carson.. and include those also".

1740 Posts
December 27, 2017 - 9:01 pm

Glad sees Eulb poke his head in the classroom and says, "Hey, Eulb, whats up?" Eulb smiles, puts his finger to his lips and sees the teacher already has a hero at the front of the room helping, so he nods and turns to leave.

Eulb and Dad are great friends. His wife Penniguin (man, she is HOT!) and he come over about once a week to plan incursions into bad guy territory and have a brew or two with Mom and Dad. 'Nessy and I just hide and watch as their carefully laid out plans turn into war stories... Then we would head to our rooms, because we have both heard it a jillion times.

Suddenly Eulb puts his hand to his ear and walks out of the room. I pay attention to the class, and am listening to this hero I have never met, and Eulb walks back in. He waves at the teacher, and says, "Mr Carson, I just got called to a mission, and I was asked to invite someone from this class to join for the learning experience." He puts his hand on my shoulder and continues, "Is it OK if I bring Gladsmite with me?"

I am beyond stunned. I was invited to go on a hero mission? I'm sure I have puppy dog eyes as I stare at the teacher trying to will him to say yes! "Of course Mr Eulb. Mr Smite, please write a brief report on your experience to share with the class tomorrow." I must have nodded 20 times in less than two seconds, as Eulb grabs my arm and pulls me out of the class.

"Your dad will smash me into little pieces if you get hurt, so stay back and watch the pros. We have a top team ready, so this should go pretty well."

I doubt the smile will leave my face for at least a couple of days!

1224 Posts
December 6, 2017 - 1:56 am

I look up from the "Arch" compass platform and ponder about the building the " Justice citizens call the needdle " ??

Buzzzzz... buzzzzz my CEI goes off and i get a message from the operator " hero Eulb you have a appointment at SHH ( Super Hero High) i fifteen...
Touching the CEI " Please operator connect me to UT-3 ( unicycle-Truck-3 )" .... Beeep ...Beeep ...yes sir standing by for you next order ...
" UT-3 deliver that package you picked up from the shop earlier... to the Room 17 at the SSH "

Sir I don't like going there the students don't like me ... " Stop... we fixed you up the last time , now go ill meet you there" I engage super speed and flash past the " Bongo Building " heading west toward the perimetor wall and the elevator that will take me to SHH entrance.

Approaching Room 17... I see a Dark mist slowly evaporating and know that Gladness was here ...saying to my self " I'm follow her in this hero career day.....gee..."
I salute and shallow-bow to Indigowulf ... indicating to her a TY for her suggestion to attend this day, as she is leaning against the corridor wall.

Entering the room and as I approach the podium, i say to my self " man... I can clear a whole where-house of "Srag's"... buy myself ...and not be one bit afraid ... but these students scare me ..."

I start out buy saying " I am glad to be here today and tell you a little of our history aboard the " Justice ". It was a Devastating day on the 30 of November 2012 when a whole City went into a Dark Purgatory of non-existence ..." im interruped by a voice from the back of the class...

"Blah- blah- blah we've herd that before sir..."

Dzardian post_id=7387 time=1511658080 user_id=4078 said:
Hi my name is dzardian my dad created this school im shy for a popular kid i dont do good around girls but they like me so ya... well... welcome to SuperHero High

" Well Aaaah thank you ...." as i'm interrupted again ... " knock ... knock...Knock ... Sir -- Beeep-Beeep your package ..." UT-3 enters the room and places the box on the floor in front of the podium and speeds out as fast as it can ----beeping " I don't like it here..."

Thank you UT-3 ... please students feel free to take one each of the " Leather-man " utility tools for your self ... and yes its made from our families R-C metal . They are made from a secret formula our family keeps , don't ask what the metal is and don't try to ID the metal with the schools scanner it wont register as any known metal known . As you examine the utility tools i want to address your feelings of fear in your up-in coming installation of your " Communication Ear-Implant "... Yes Mrs. Indigowoulf told me some of you are apprehensive .

The installation is totally painless and not invasive at all ... the " Nano-Dermal skin service of the CEI will adhere and submerge itself into the your skin behind your ear. But as for the "Lycan's "it goes above your ear ... but will not even show after absorption ...

I've been hearing that the "Grave Robber " and " Shroud " have been planing to abduct younger citizens for there experiments to expand there numbers ... This CEI will help also to help track your location on the ship just in case ... the CEI will also help you all communicate together when you start forming groups to fight with the afore mentioned Bad-ees ...and many other to come ... and yes you will be part of the "FHS Justice " protectors soon.

enjoy the Leather-man tool... as i depart " whooo ....sweating .... wow"

1740 Posts
December 3, 2017 - 1:07 am

(OOC) OK, I'll bite. I'll just warn you that High School was a LOOOOOONGGGGGG time ago.

(IC) As I look around the school, I am a bit nervous. I see kids with super strength carrying one ton ankle and wrist weights for training. I see speedsters racing down the hallway, which irritates the hall monitors to no end. But, they aren't running, just walking really really really fast... so they aren't breaking any rules... I think...

"NO FLYING IN THE HALLWAY!" The hall monitor waves down a girl that is obviously late for class.

Me? My dad's pretty famous. Gladstrike VII, you know, the guy who stopped a Nagdellian incursion almost by himself. (OOC - Go with it, assume he is a famous person) He is a 7th gen hero, My great great great great grandpa was in Paragon City when the meteor hit and took everyone out. But he was pretty awesome, he is in most of the history books for his fight with Tyrant when he rescued Statesman with all of the odds stacked against him.

I guess a lot of people expect a lot out of me, but I got my mom's powers, and my power level is really low. I mean, everyone wants a healer on the team, and I can shoot energy beams out of my hands and eyes. But I'm not gonna win many fights at this high school! Maybe, just maybe, my power level will go up to the same as my mom, or better yet maybe I'll get my dad's powers after I learn some stuff here.

"JERRY! Wait up!" I turn and see my sister briskly walking towards me. She's my adopted sister, but as far as I'm concerned she might as well be blood related. Her skin is gray, and her hair and eyes are jet black; quite the contrast to my Caucasian skin, blonde hair and blue eyes! I smile at her as I say, "Hey, Nessy, coming to make sure I don't throw up on my first day?" She giggles and then messes up my hair.

Gladness just appeared out of nowhere while my dad was fighting some bad guys. She was just a baby, maybe 3 months old. My mom and dad had only been married a few weeks, and I'm not even sure I was a glimmer in their eyes yet! But she smiled at my dad, and it was all over. He brought her home, and mom was just as smitten by her as dad was. They immediately adopted her, and I guess they changed their minds about waiting to have kids. About 9 months later I was born!

While my powers are weak, no one pushed Gladness around. She is a top tier hero with a wide range of Dark powers, and only her age keeps her from going to the SuperHero Academy.

She walks me to my first class and says, "If anyone gives you any trouble, just let me know, 'kay?"

She runs off to her class, and then I walk in. Every eye in the place is on me. 'Why is everyone staring at me?' is the only thought I can think. As I sit down, the guy next to me (a big, big guy, mind you) says, "How do you know Gladness? Every guy in the school wants to date her, and she turns us all down. Why is she so friendly to you?" I reply, "Well, she is my sister... I hope she stays friendly with me!" The guy looks at the door, then looks at me, then looks back at the door, then looks at me again.

"She's adopted." The guy lets out a breath and say, "I woulda never guessed you two were family." I smirk and say, "Yeah, sometimes I wonder how we grew up together without killing each other. Actually, its more like I wonder how we grew up together without her killing me!" The guy laughs and says, I'm James, James Tallman. Nice to meet you."

I shake his hand, very, very happy to have made my first friend in high school.

1740 Posts
November 25, 2017 - 9:36 pm

HI Dzar,

I'm going to move this thread to the Starboard Lounge Category, since this has become our defacto RP thread.

2 Posts
November 25, 2017 - 8:01 pm

Hi my name is dzardian my dad created this school im shy for a popular kid i dont do good around girls but they like me so ya... well... welcome to SuperHero High

2 Posts
November 25, 2017 - 7:55 pm

This is a superhero high school rp thread

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