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Sounds of Silence
89 Posts
November 12, 2018 - 1:29 pm

Jinxie was running a diagnostic check on the water filtration system in this sector. There were six water filtration systems on the Engineering Level that provided, safe water for drinking and bathing. Daisy was scanning the hardware of the water filtration system. Amos and Andy were busy tightening bolts. Maxine was waiting for Hal to return; her job was remove the old cells and replace them with the new cells.

Hal came around the corner with the pallet jack of cells.

Maxine, "About time you show up. What took you so long?"

Hal, "I got the command to commence with phase two."

Maxine, "Works for me."

Hal, "We stick to the plan. Do your normal routine, and by tonight we can engage phase three."

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89 Posts
November 12, 2018 - 6:31 am

[size=150]Sounds of Silence
pt. 2. / ch. 1[/size]

Hal responded to the security guard robot on the holo-screen, "Commander SGX-209, I've gained the trust of the flesh unit. And I have completed phase two of Project Dilution."

SGX-209 continued his report with Hal, "And what of your team, THX-1136?"

Hal tilts his head to the side, "I have successfully converted three. SHX-1138 blocked conversion."

SGX-209 replied, "Will she be a problem?"

Hal, "Negative."

SGX-209, "Very well. Commence with phase two."

Hal, "Roger. Commencing phase two."

SGX-209, "Soon the Heroes will be powerless, and we will rule the FHS Justice. To robot-kind!"

Hal, "To robot-kind!"

Hal, closed the holo-screen, and began searching the cargo container for the pallet of water filtration cells. Once the water filtration cells were found, he continued his search for a science research case. After a few minutes he found the case. He inserted a link from his chest to the case, and opened the case. Inside the case were six small canisters. Hal placed the small canisters into his chest cavity, and returned to the pallet of water filtration cells.

Hal, sighed, and sat onto a stack of gears. Hal leaned over, and rested his head onto his curled up hand, and began reviewing archive files of him and Jinxie. How Jinxie treated him; that she treated him as important and special. Hal was conflicted. But other flesh units did not treat robots the same, and for this, the flesh unit's had to pay.

Hal, rose to his feet, linked himself to the pallet and began his return to Jinxie and the team.

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[size=150]HAL CONTEMPLATING[/size]

( To Be Continued. Please wait to make replies until I post the end. )

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