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Further Adventures in the Starboard Lounge
1224 Posts
August 26, 2017 - 12:54 am

AS Gladness and Penniguin exit the starboard Lounge ... i head to the bar to examine the portal residual signal left behind from that Nag's abduction of X-307 with my tracer pin pulled from my amulet belt ...

" feeezzzzzzz heezzzzzzz " ah just as I though the destination is the sewer processing plant ....
Just then a signal comes in on my CEI and I hear the operator say ... " Hero Eulb " , " the portal tracking your requested ...exited in the sewer processing plant, I'll place the concordance in you tracking amulet for you if you want ? " Thank You Operator I know exactly where it exited ... i'm Very acquainted with the processing plant ....

I reach behind the bar and grab a bottle "Honey Mead " " I'll need this ....

136 Posts
August 20, 2017 - 2:13 pm

Penniguin looks at Gladness and says, "Ooooookay, we need to take up a collection for Harlequynne, because her buying cheap is starting to mess with all of us!" As Eulb hands Gladness her earring he retrieved from his boot laces, Penniguin looks down at her's and Gladness boots, she notices some jagged teeth embedded in them. She wonders if they are a physical manifestation from the secondary maw of a vanishing black creature or just leftover from the giant monsters. Penniguin shrugs, either way, she has plans for the teeth. She vaguely remembers a story handed down from generation to generation...about a time where zombies were running rampant...when the spoils of battle, like an ear would be put on a piece of rope and hung around the neck like a badge of victory......Pennigun locks arms with Gladness and says, "Come on, lets go see if we can find someone to make these teeth in a set of jewelry for us!

1224 Posts
August 18, 2017 - 7:21 am

Touching the CEI i ask the operator to connect me to tracking .... ( squelch ) ... Yes state you query ... I hear from a voice in the control room ...
Please track the Portal closing here in the Starboard Lounge to its destination and contact me with its concordance as soon as you get them.

Wow busy day a " Giant Monster " destroying buildings ... and then Nag's trying to damage the MRL in order hurt and disrupt the citizen's of the
" Justice "... but seeing all the heroes jumping in and saving the day WOW... i press the button on the control pad near the north exit marked
"Secure " ... I'll tend to X-307's rescue ( It owes me for that last shipment of Shine )....after helping " Gladness and Penniguin " with this new threat at the Plaza...

Before engaging my SS i notice down on my shoe entangled in my boot laces... a Green and Silver peace of jewelry most likely from Gladness'
new outfit Penni got her with my UN-dust....
Most likely fell off while they were rushing out of the Starboard Lounge going to the new threat ... and going through a miss-fired dark energy from Harlequynne ... so their new out fits were effected some how... ill get the bling back to Gladness later.... and encourage Harlequynne to slow down on the "Doe Doe" bird eggs ... then can be deadly...

967 Posts
August 17, 2017 - 9:24 am

As suddenly as it starts, it stops.

Harlequynne steps past them. "Sorry about that. I really shouldn't have the beans for lunch! Oop, here I go again..."

In an explosion of gore, a huge, smoothly black creature erupts from Harlequynne's body, dripping with slime. It opens its mouth and you see a secondary maw inside. Before anyone can react, it roars, then collapses on the ground, it's stomach distending unnaturally.

Harlequynne bursts forth, covering Gladness and Penniguin in green goo. "Huh, guess it wasn't the beans. Must've been the eggs. Did think they were cheap for the size of them."

She steps back past the two very confused women, then says over her shoulder, "Oh, you might want to get cleaned up, that stuff's acidic y'know."

They look down to see rather a lot of their clothing is dissolving away. Then notice the body of the alien creature has vanished. When they look back, so has Harlequynne, and a second look down shows their clothing undamaged.

[OOC: sorry to ruin your fight setup GladDog, but I couldn't resist 😀]

quantum sufficit

1740 Posts
August 17, 2017 - 8:01 am

Gladness puts her hand on Penniguin's shoulder and says, "Hey, I lost an earring in that last fight, one of those you helped me pick out. Can you come help me look for it?" Penni smiles, stands up and they leave.

A few minutes later they are at the wrecked building where the fight took place. Construction workers and droids are cleaning up the mess and getting ready to repair the building. Repair, that's almost a joke. The GM razed the top three floors of the building and badly damaged the two remaining floors. More like replace.

Penni says, "I guess that when you are on the final frontier, this is to be expected." Both girls are shaking their heads after she says that though... Both of them start looking for one of the Jade green and silver earrings that Penni thought looked perfect against Gladness's gray skin and black hair...

Suddenly the ground starts shaking. The construction workers try to get to a safe area while Gladness and Penniguin brace for, well, anything; this is the final frontier after all! Penniguin gets on her comm-link and calls Eulb while Gladness comms to GladDog and lets him know there may be more trouble...

1224 Posts
August 9, 2017 - 8:04 am

Walking into the Starboard Lounge " whooo that was a close one, got the civilians out, in time before any of them fell or jumped and perished"

" Hey X-307 did you ever receive that order of Cherry shine ? " looking at the bar kept X-307 who was not in its cheery communicative mode i spot a figure behind him with a blaster pointed at its its torso. It's looking like a Nag. but shorter than ones I've dealt with recently.

As I start to approach the bar a portal open's and the Figure and X-307 are gone.... " oh my gosh what are we going to do with out a bar kept ???

1224 Posts
August 6, 2017 - 7:59 pm

Standing out side of the Starboard Lounge looking toward the center of Apotheosis City to watch all the excitement caused buy the recent Giant Monster battle , all the heroes that joined in to help take down the intruder that is NOT welcome here....

I spotted " Solari" , " Zalgo " ( who i noticed stayed right behind "GladDog" during the battle ) , then there was " Indigowolf " who i figured teamed up with "Country strong" I guess for they were working in close proximity , then there was "Jestersghost" she's always there with her tendrils .

Out of the corner of my eye I see the MRL ( magnetic rail Lift ) spark and come to a sudden stop. Knowing that the passengers inside are going to need help. I touch the CEI ( communication ear-implant ) and tell the operator to contact "Flagwaver"or "Golden stone" for an rescue assist on the
" North MRL " punching the hand control for the jet-pac i launch into the air .....

1224 Posts
July 15, 2017 - 5:14 pm

OOC --- i get so excited with this RPG expression i can stand my self i just have to post .... ( deep breath ... now out slowly...)

1740 Posts
July 15, 2017 - 12:35 pm

(OOC) Aghh! I've started 3 replies to this thread that I had to throw away 'cause you keep adding in stuff, Eulb!

1224 Posts
July 15, 2017 - 12:15 pm

as I step out side of the Starboard lounge I touch my CEI ( communication ear-implant ) and ask the operator to connect me to


please ...
Before getting connected I feel the pressure drop around me... due to a transport portal opening .... I hear voices from inside the lounge ... excited i reenter i view Gladness showing off and boasting of her new outfit that Penni got her... Penni says " your safe from flashing your undies now" .... I'm thinking " aaaah geezze there goes my UN-dust paying for that transport portal and new outfits for the Girls geeezzs ... back to the sewage processing plant again .....

1224 Posts
July 14, 2017 - 10:02 am

looking at my watch and wondering did Penniguin

Penniguin post_id=4199 time=1498223844 user_id=1434 said:

and Gladness go shopping after that fight with the Giant Monster instead of relaxing and reminiscing with the team ??? Their becoming " Best Fighting Frind's"

Hey X-307 ill be back with your new order for Passion fruit shine ... after i check on the where abouts of the spouse.

1224 Posts
July 12, 2017 - 12:50 pm

arriving in time to see that GladDog and Dr. Glad have beat me here ( how did they do that I've got SS ??? )

any way.... we were all beat buy Gladness & Penniguin ... who have all ready engaged the Giant Monster in a sheet of Ice and a envelope of darkness, those will work well... I thought

Then Seeing GladDog without hesitation flies straight in and takes the aggro from Penni and Nessy ... it was good to be on a team that worked well together . Seeing the Dr. work so fast to bring Nessy and Penni back to top health and healing the Dog at the same time .... pure poetry .

There was not much to do but to eliminate the minions , target / slash, target / slash , target / slash
knocked up a slashed few lieutenants , and then when straight for the Monster that was already 2/3's down.

X-307 do you have any clue ... how those monsters get the coordinates and power for that size of portal ?
X-307 looks at me with a buzzzzzzz.... and goes into a freeze mode .... darn I broke him again

1224 Posts
July 11, 2017 - 12:05 am

" OOOh what a fight , X-307 a round please for all those for whose help take down that Giant Monster ...."

" HEY every one ... don't forget to tell X-307 how you helped .... for the record of course ...for the record "

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