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Chew on this!
1224 Posts
December 4, 2017 - 1:15 am

As I Look at those youngsters walking away i started to say to my self " Self you got to visit the "Superhero High" even just to see the next generation of heroes that will be patrolling the streets of the " Justice " in the future " ... "I really liked those Pups"

Behind you!
458 Posts
October 27, 2017 - 12:13 pm

Indigo opened the door under the stairs, releasing a handful of children, who quickly vacated the lounge and went back into the streets. If anyone had blinked, they would have missed the children's quick getaway. All but one.
"Ishmael, put that down!" Cried Indigo as one stray boy tried scooping up a handful of the goop on a table.

The offending child started to cry as the goop refused to come off his hands and he had to be peeled away from the table. Indigo sighed, she really wanted to know what had taken place out here. It certainly seemed like it would make for an amusing story. Alas, she had to free her charge of his curious blunder first.

She scooted the lad out to find a solvent. As they went, she couldn't help but glance back one more time and tried to stifle a giggle at the man glued to the floor with a red face.

~Future founder of Feral Storm, once animal options are available!~

1224 Posts
October 7, 2017 - 10:51 am

Walking down the park path on the way to the Starboard Lounge , to get a little relaxation after another hard day of clearing out those Nag's from the sewer plant, ( what is it that attracts those guy to the effluent ) I spot another normal but strange sight ... a pink bubble sphere being shot out of the Lounge bounding off cars and trash containers ... " hummm" i say ...and head in...

Looking over the lounge i spot " Warhead " settling into a booth and noticed that he is contemplating on getting a sticky substance on his boots. " Hey Warhead , Penniguin could freeze that for you... she'll be here soon ... she's wrapping up a intro. meeting with that new group " Yekus Mercenary Clan" They need to be fully Vetted before we can assign then to go after the SARG's ( supernatural alien robot gang-members ) ... we trust but varify.

Arriving at the bar i notice that X-307 is not attending the bar " hello " is say ... " Yes sir " says x-308 as it approaches me from the back room, " May i help you? " ... " Y... why yes you can where is X-307 ? " X-308 says " the maintenance bots got a order to take him in for a diagnostic examine do to all the , as we can say ... all the activity that it has been through lately... " I stare at X-308 for a moment and ... " X-307 has not paid me for the last shipment of shine " , " will he be back soon ? "

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