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How hard did you find the hard mode missions 6 and 7? Did you vote in the poll?
587 Posts
October 17, 2023 - 1:02 am

Integral said
Thank you for this valuable feedback. Your fights must have been epic!  

Hardcore met my expectations of being a very challenging Solo mission. It is still winnable Solo, at least for me.

However (always a However) I have a few questions on Combat animation, for the Devastator I used. No offense intended.
1. Are the Target Hits being worked on? Seems a bit shallow not seeing a definite Damage Spark, or other confirmed Hit animation.
2. Devastator AOE Cone fire from Assault Rifles is off target for the most part. Do I have to stand still when shooting, and/or does my moving mess with the Cone Arc animation?
3. Will we have Costumed Weaponry to carry in & out of combat? In my experience over 30+ years of gaming, that would boost the visual appeal for SOH a lot.
4. Is there a way to Lock-Down the Power Bar, and keep it from going back to the Game Default each time we exit a Mission Load Screen?

Keep up the great work, Team SOH! 👍👍 5⭐💓

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212 Posts
October 16, 2023 - 5:49 pm

Thank you for this valuable feedback. Your fights must have been epic!

25 Posts
October 16, 2023 - 5:42 pm

The hard mode was too hardcore for me in mission 6. I couldn't complete mission 6 on hard mode with any of the archetypes I tried. I'm sure my lack of skills didn't help.
I keep losing my cursor (it's small and I can't adjust the size and/or color) and getting turned around. No time for that nonsense. 🙂
Also, I tried the mission with my level 20 heroes, which might have influenced the massive onslaught of Prometheans that came at me, wave after wave, with very little time in between.
Taking time to buff a turret or heal one of the devices just gave time for more of them to show up. Oh, the horror!!! lol!
Hopefully, a team would help. Maybe a team of at least four (one Hero per turret). However, if even more Prometheans spawn, only the well trained would survive.

The Heroes I played mission 6 on hard mode were:
Lvl 20 Lightning Blast Space/Time manipulation Devastator
Lvl 20 Psychic Control Mystic Healing Controller
Lvl 20 Space/Time manipulation Psychic Blast Support
Lvl 20 Street Fighting Invulnerability Brawler
Lvl 9 Determination Martial Arts Tank

After starting mission 6 on hard mode, I couldn't try mission 7 with those heroes. I did complete the last mission with a lvl 7 Unobtanium Luck Street Sweeper Tank with no problems.

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2) Execute the plan
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4) Throw away the plan

4 Posts
October 15, 2023 - 12:44 pm

Playthrough was with devastator with military weapons and restorative nanites powersets.

General comments for demo:
- Still happy with looks of mission instances. City textures too plain.
- Noticed augments did not drop, where they did during the first run of the demo. Not sure if this was a matter of happenstance or part of a patch. No impact to play for the demo given amount of dust made available and earned during play.
- Still no spawns for "Ambush" during Echolocation.
- I was unable to interact with Power Trainer outside Ship Security for level up (level 4). Was during Echolocation mission.

Engineering Excellence Hard Mode:
- Succeeded first attempt.
- One auto-turret defeated but regenerated. Not sure if this was me trying regenerative aura power on it or a function of the mission.
- Leveled from 4 to 7 during the mission.
- Did not feel harder than the previous attempt with tank character.
Separate from mission:
- Targeting as a devastator was a bit chaotic, given the number of enemies. My character, even with ranged attacks like headshot, would run up to enemies, rather than attacking at a distance.

Final Mission Hard Mode:
- Did not pick up power from level 6, not fill augment slots from levels 5 or 7. This was mostly becuase the power trainer is removed for this section of the demo from Sword Blossom's base.
- Died once. Instant respawn felt like it lacked impact to mission.
- Sword Blossom ended with about 10k HP.
- Mission was very quick, sub 3 minutes compared to previous mission, so scope does not feel quite as big. Not that I would want something longer, but it did not have the "epic" feeling of a climactic battle.

212 Posts
October 14, 2023 - 9:46 pm

For Saturday and Sunday of Steam Next Fest, we reset the difficulty of Engineering Excellence and of the last mission to hard mode. If you played these missions, what did you think of the difficulty level? What were you playing?

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