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Housing Suggestions
25 Posts
May 4, 2024 - 9:34 pm

Integral, thanks for the update! I figured this suggestion wouldn't be available at launch. Need to make sure the current projects are complete and robust! The housing was great during the beta and I'm sure it's even better now. I appreciate your consideration and the hard work everyone puts into this awesome game! Smile

1) Make the plan
2) Execute the plan
3) Expect the plan to go off the rails
4) Throw away the plan

214 Posts
May 4, 2024 - 9:11 pm

Lol! I usually like house warming parties: fun people, good food, and a celebration, but yours is scary! Frown That chili must be something! Smile
We are giving serious consideration to your suggestions. This is not the first time we receive suggestions of this nature. It is a substantial addition, though, and we are fairly certain that we will not have it at launch.
We currently have housing setup only to allow access to anyone or no one, but plan on having more options in the future.

25 Posts
May 4, 2024 - 5:08 pm

Okay, this is where I'm going with the suggestion(in story form).

I've finally saved up enough and bought a great place overlooking the city. It's an awesome 2 story place I customized myself with windows looking out on all sides on the upper floor. All the furniture and decorations have been placed, including a great hologram space ship in the middle.

Time for a house warming party with my prize winning chilli! Ugh... I didn't know my new friends where Red Sigil? They're after my chilli recipe! Get outta here Sigil! (better add some defense to my place)

Oh man!... The Red Sigil must have hired the Yekus to get my recipe! No chilli for you! Money grubbing Yekus!

Who told the Prometheans about my chilli?! What?! Gonna add a conversion spell to my chilli recipe!? No way!

I guess the Nags don't want to be left out. Can't touch this!

Whew! Glad that's over. Ha! The kitchen's behind that hologram wall of the city anyway. They wouldn't have been able to find it even if I wasn't here. Laugh

1) Make the plan
2) Execute the plan
3) Expect the plan to go off the rails
4) Throw away the plan

25 Posts
May 4, 2024 - 4:29 pm

Some suggestions for Housing:

1) Access permissions for some items
- Some items should be able to be used by everyone, such as sitting in chairs or turning lights on or off
- Some items should have access rights to use, such as doors, consoles, storage lockers, interfacing with robot butlers
- Giving access rights to doors could provide new possibilities, such as panic rooms
- Suggested access permissions are:
a) Friends
b) Team members
c) Super group members

2) Invisible door
- A door with no door frame which will match walls, probably sliding
- Preferably a clear door to go with the clear wall - you can't see it's there, but you can open it if you have the permissions

3) Missions for housing
- Badges for creating housing and decorating are fine, but some missions to accomplish that might be better - also adding housing defense
- I would like to see a housing raid as a mission with Prometheans, Nagdellians, and or Yekus - defend your stuff with housing defense and/or yourself (and/or maybe hide the most valuable stuff in a panic room)

1) Make the plan
2) Execute the plan
3) Expect the plan to go off the rails
4) Throw away the plan

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