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List of bugs I found.
Behind you!
458 Posts
April 4, 2020 - 6:42 pm

Actually, innate powers for each AT would be a brilliant idea. Controllers could debuff regen to help them solo. Innates could help further define the separation between tank/brawler, and dev/support. Give tank something that either helps them hold aggro or is just a damage resist type thing, while brawlers get a dps related innate. devastator also has dps related innate while support innate could be something like boosting the overall effectiveness of support powers or something.

~Future founder of Feral Storm, once animal options are available!~

Golden Ace
2213 Posts
April 4, 2020 - 3:31 pm

yeah leveling controllers sucks. suggest an innate power that debuffs regen when held.

Sometimes You Feel Like a Tank, Sometimes You Don't

Behind you!
458 Posts
April 3, 2020 - 9:20 pm

I also made ice/luck troller, and I deleted her at level 3 for the same reason (plus her broken pet) lol. I figure trollers will be in high demand for teaming with once teaming works again, but they are balls for solo.

~Future founder of Feral Storm, once animal options are available!~

19 Posts
April 3, 2020 - 8:40 pm

I made a Controller Icy/Luck manipulation. At level 1 Primary powers I picked were Brian Freeze (20 sec cd) Second was Nitrogen Shower (12 sec cd) luck I picked Critical blow and Coincidental coordination.
I noticed it takes forever kill a mob. With there regen and my cooldowns it takes a while. Any way of ether adding another damage, power blast of some sorts. Or nerf the regen?
I also had an idea of changing the power aruras on all the power sets. Making your own character unique. 🙂

19 Posts
April 3, 2020 - 1:46 pm

Thanks for the info Consultant.
I found another. Fiery Defense. When adding an Training Aggro Augmentation on Fiery Aura It gives you a Minus anywhere from -8 to -14 on Energy recovery. Once you hit zero you wont regen. I tried other Augmentations they seam to work fine. Also in the Costume dept. Aura color 2 arrows not working. And I'm not noticing any color change on Aura Type 3. That's it for now. 🙂
Thanks. 🙂

1852 Posts
April 2, 2020 - 6:45 pm

This is Great!

Keep the comments coming.

By the way, I also have an ice devastator. The reason the FX is invisible is that we have not installed any yet. That powerset's FX was actually built in a prior system, and won't run in 4.24, so we need to re-create it.

Normally we would never let players see a powerset with no FX -- that way lies madness in the normal course of things. But we thought with the coronavirus situation, with so many of our community locked down, we would give people a bit of fun and let everyone see what we see -- the actual dev map, with all of the flaws in it.

It's kind of the same with the controllers. They were scheduled to be rolled out in a couple of months. But hey, I think that many people (me included) have had fun testing holds and with the first pet. And the feedback we get is useful and welcome.

Thanks again!

Behind you!
458 Posts
April 2, 2020 - 4:20 pm

I think people having issues with things being too small should try adjusting their resolution settings. I have no issues with mine. ">"> ... 8/soh1.png">[Permission to view this media is denied]
" alt="
"> ... 8/soh1.png">[Permission to view this media is denied]
" />

~Future founder of Feral Storm, once animal options are available!~

197 Posts
April 2, 2020 - 2:42 pm

I noticed the same thing about ice, the bolts seem invisible.

The powers bar and the menus at the top are in such small font that they are almost unreadable. If I go into windowed/full screen those menus are totally unreadable. I couldn't figure out any way to enlarge them. With the powers so small, I can't tell if they have recharged or not.

Superspeed is turned off in battle, but not every time. In fact, I figured out how to keep SS on during fights. All you have to do is let the enemy attack you first. I can zoom in, let them aggro, shoot them, and zoom back out, then in, then out, etc.

19 Posts
April 2, 2020 - 1:13 pm

Hello Devs.
First of all Thank you for opening this up for us. A BIG shout out!
I found a few bugs I would like to mention and some ideas to add.
For me personally at night it's to dark is some areas. Maybe adding a gamma slider?
I'm a Ice Dev. Cannot see bolts I cast. Also lose target when casting AoE.
Also I'm a little trigger happy 🙂 possibly adding your own cast interrupt.
Damage numbers to small to see.
Augmentations Accuracy Needs tweaking I added a 20% but when you hover over its showing 14%
Losing your second cast bar slots when exiting the hospital.
Adding a target lock.
Able to enlarge your min map or using M to open up a map.
That's it so far will make more notes as I play.
Again folks Thanks for doing what you do!

Be safe

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