Fight the Berserker on August 29th

Aug 26, 2020

The first run ended… quickly.

On Saturday the 29th, we will have our third run of the Nagdellian invasion. We’ve made changes in response to the first couple of runs, and we think we have fixed most of the crashes, so come on down and see how it looks on the 29th. The invasion will be a recurring event once Ship of Heroes launches.

Now the invasion has increasing stages of difficulty.

Compared to the first two runs, the Berserker is now significantly harder to kill. In our testing the big guy was lasting for 3-5 minutes and was hard to kill for the mix of NPC heroes and devs. In real testing with all human players, he was going down much too quickly for our taste – sometimes he didn’t even get to use all of his powers! But no more; prepare to be challenged.

For those who have requested ragdoll physics, prepare to be quite pleased.

In the upper-right you can see that this enemy has 12 buff/debuff effects on him.

If you want to participate, it’s all free. Click the big blue button on our website homepage, and start the process from there, or directly from here. If you joined a previous event this month, we should have your info, and we’ll be sending you a key to participate in the next day or two. Be sure to leave enough time to download or update your game version.

“Is the Berserker looking at me? Uh oh. Where are our Tankers?”

So far we rarely see FPS dipping below 50 in the test invasions, with 20-30 heroes and ~50 Nagdellians on the screen at the same time. For an MMO, this is world-class performance. When there are just a few of us on the screen, we often have 80-100 FPS. Since FPS is so good, we may also conduct a “crush the server” test if we get a large crowd of heroes all playing at one time. The invasion event begins at 10:30 AM EST on Saturday. We will probably be performing invasion runs until around noon, so don’t miss out!

Come bring the firepower this Saturday!

This is the sixth major community event for our MMO. Keep in mind that your donations to Ship of Heroes help to power our development. Please support us if you can. Thank you all!

Technical Notes


1. This video was created from segments of player-recorded invasion runs and simulation runs. It is all actual footage, shot in a client-server arrangement.

2. We have implemented a number of requests from our participants. If you have an idea, you can let us know during the event, or in our forums.

3. You should see a major increase in ragdoll knockback capability, which makes the Berserker harder to kill. He also has multiple powerful AoE attacks. We’ve also raised the hit points and mez resistance on the Berserker based on feedback from prior invasions. Enjoy!

4. The devs will be able to raise and lower the difficulty of the invasion on Saturday. Be sure to express your view!

“That’s better. I’ll just stay back here…”