Eyes on Development

Mar 21, 2017

In developing a game, often the little details make an enormous difference. Today we want to show some of the options players will have for selecting eyes for their characters in Ship of Heroes. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul.

We start by using the most advanced eye model supported by Unreal 4. This enables us to employ human eye textures that are actually based on real human eyes, with comparable levels of detail. But we have gone further and created a whole set of different eye textures in addition to different colors. What you are seeing below (from left to right) is the standard UE4 eye, then three different unique SoH human eyes, then two different cyborg eyes:​

This is just small sample of the possible eye appearances we have developed. And the cyborg eyes are new – we just added them to the Character Creator this week. Every pair of eyes shown in this update is uniquely different from all of the others. What do these eyes look like in a human face? Well, let’s see, from a camera in the Ship of Heroes Character Creator.

First we’ll look at two close-ups, from the Ship of Heroes Character Creator:

Then we’ll look at a wide selection of completely human eyes:

And this is only a partial illustration – each of these is subtly different.

Of course, Ship of Heroes is set in the late 25th century. There are cyborg enhancements available to both the crew and to the bad guys. So what could those manufactured eyes look like? Here are some examples, out of more than 40 that we have added to the character creator this week.


While you won’t see it in your character (unless you are really, really close up), many of the cyborg eyes have the phrase “Made in Apotheosis” embedded in them.

Several of the eye morphs in the character creator change the appearance of these eyes quite significantly, in effect making them look completely different. As a result, there are literally hundreds of different eye styles that can be used today to give a different look to your character. And we have more options on the list for the future.

The eyes of a character may seem like a small thing. Couldn’t we have taken the default eyes, allowed color changes, and left it at that? Yes, but we want to push the envelope and deliver options that our players have not had before, and to use the Unreal 4 engine to the fullest. So here we are; the eyes have it.