Head of Ship Security and  the Justice Corps

Iris the Great

Archmage Leader of the Mages Counsel


Chief Operations Officer of the Justice Corps

Dr. Strikewell

Chief Medical Officer
FHS Justice

Sword Blossom

Chief Engineer
FHS Justice

Dr. Strikewell

Chief Medical Officer
FHS Justice

Dr. Strikewell Powers & Enemies

Dr. Strikewell is a Support Archetype .  Dr. Strikewell can fight any group, but is focused on healing and upgrades for the crew and citizens of the ship.


Powers and Knowledge Gained from Working with Dr. Strikewell

Dr. Strikewell unquenchable curiosity frequently leads her to conduct experiments in search of cures and enhancements. She likes to tap heroes in her network to help her in these pursuits. Bring Dr. Strikewell odd harvested plants  from other worlds or salvaged items and she will teach you how to turn them into items with medical value. Working with Dr. Strikewell, you will find yourself crafting interesting new medical and biological enhancements, and personally benefiting from them if you so desire.

Where to Find Dr. Strikewell

Dr. Strikewell in one of the Big Five NPC heroes aboard the Justice, and as such you will have the option of being introduced by Ambassador at level 1, in the “Welcome Hero” mission.  If you choose to engage with another of the Big Five, you can always return and meet Dr. Strikewell.  She is often in her office, inside the Hospital, in the north section of Apotheosis City. A big red cross on the building identifies it as the hospital.

Dr. Strikewell Story

Dr. Ellen Strikewell was born aboard the Justice and always wanted to be a physician. When her healing powers manifested in her late teens, she accepted them as confirmation that medicine should be her career path. Even then, Ellen Strikewell was sometimes called upon to assist with unlicensed healing and medical procedures, since she had strong healing powers even as a teenager and young adult. But after a few incidents in which her powers were used to achieve ethically questionable results, she decided to quit and pursue her formal education as a physician full-time. But she still retains some contacts from the shadowy world of exotic, unlicensed medicine.

As her ability to fight at range increased, she took additional training, intending to be part of the Justice Corps and to help defend the ship. Once Dr. Strikewell graduated and accepted a medical position, Ambassador attempted to recruit her into the Justice Corps. She declined in order to remain focused on healing, but remains a friend of Ambassador’s, and willingly joins him and the Diplomats on certain missions, when she can.

Dr. Strikewell is the Chief Medical Officer about the Justice.  Her selection for this role caused a small amount of consternation among the professional medical staff because of her willingness to skirt the rules in search of results.  However, over time she has won over the staff because of her powerful combination of intellect and inherent healing super-powers. It doesn’t hurt her reputation that she is quite capable of defending the hospital staff with her lightning power, when needed.

Dr. Strikewell wears a costume of her own design, and is one of a minority of heroes aboard the Justice who uses the same name in both of her roles – in her case, as a physician and as hero defending the Justice.  Her costume is well-recognized aboard ship, because her cape flutters in the wind, as do her skirt and her hair.

As a matter of personal style she selected the shoulder pads and buckles as attachments for her cape. Many other heroes use different methods of attaching their capes. Her gloves are specially designed to enhance her ability to focus and aim her electric bolts at long distance – she does not like to be in close combat but rather remain somewhat distant, looking over her team and providing help where it is most needed. As a doctor aboard the Justice, she is well versed in triage.

Dr. Strikewell is the ship’s leading expert in the ever-growing field of human augmentation, as well as being a skilled healer due to her powers and medical training.  She is adept at coming up with new treatment methods on the fly, and very convincing in explaining why her patients would benefit from using them.  While Dr. Strikewell was apathetic towards the ship’s laws in her youth, by now her hard-earned life experience has taught her to obey them – mostly.

Outside of her official work, Dr. Strikewell keeps herself busy by maintaining a network of shady contacts, keeping an ear out for anything that could endanger the ship – or anything that could provide the next medical breakthrough. Dr. Strikewell also has a sort of love-hate relationship with many of the Yekus clans, and most of the Yekus have developed a bit of caution about inflaming Strikewell’s well-known temper. Though some consider this an odd hobby, her friends understand and support her.