Design Studio for the Female Soldier Costume

Jun 29, 2018

In this newsletter we’re showing a female soldier costume, using the Ship of Heroes Design Studio. This costume has been created for our female model, and will be available for players to use in creating and customizing their characters.

New female ship soldier costume, shown in colors similar to Ambassador’s.

The outfit has nine specific pieces – Helmet, Upper Chest, Shoulders, Bracers, Gloves, Belt, Pants, Leg Armor, and Boots.  These can be mixed with pieces from other sets, or with special single pieces to create unique player costumes.  As always, each costume piece has a primary and secondary color, which can be controlled independently on each piece, or automatically aligned around the color choices made for the chest-piece with the click of a button.  We plan to have cape designs to accompany this costume, and a variety of colors are possible.  We also allow the head slot – helmet or mask – of any costume to be toggled to become invisible, if desired.

Ship soldier costumes are standard, while Ambassador’s has been customized a bit for him.

All pieces of this costume, and all of our prior signature hero costumes, were created in-house for Ship of Heroes.  This gives us better quality control, and allows us to see that the design of the clothing fits the artistic style of the game, and that it has the critical features we are looking for.  Polycount on each piece must be low, the design has to allow for movement with minimal to no clipping, the normal, texture, and color maps all need to conform to our design specs, and the costume itself has to look good.

The armored helmet can be toggled on or off, as the player wishes.

Now that we have several costumes built for one model each, we are beginning to create equivalent versions for the other models.  We decided to show this new variant in colors similar to Ambassador’s in order to facilitate comparisons, but in the future, we will select a separate color palette for the ship soldiers who fight alongside Ambassador. If you look closely, you will see that this armor set is not exactly the same as Ambassador’s, which has been specifically upgraded for him in his role as the leader of the Justice Corps.

Comparing the female ship soldier to Ambassador, side by side in the same color palette.

The following screenshot shows several possible color variations players could make, but the possibilities in the character creator are endless.  Nine costume pieces, two colors per piece, 256 choices per color… not to mention the ability to customize the woman wearing the costume – hair, skin, face, eyes, etc.

Players can use this costume in any color palette or design their own.

The next Ship of Heroes Alpha activity will be a login test for supporters, likely in July of 2018.  Following that, several other Alphas are expected with a first Beta test at the end of 2018.  Launch is expected in 2019.  Ship of Heroes is being developed by a small team, and appreciates your donations and support.