Creating a Character with Randomizers

Oct 2, 2019

One of the big things that you’ll see in the character creator Beta for Ship of Heroes is that we are currently giving players a lot more power to customize their avatar than any other MMO character creator currently does. This can work for you or against you depending on how much artistic talent you have. So what if your aspirations for making a unique character are high, but you aren’t a professional character artist? Well, we give you an escape hatch: randomizers.

Once you choose a character model, you can call on our CCT to randomly change elements like the physical appearance, costume, and color scheme. This means you can just keep clicking until you have something close to what you want. Then you can edit that version to perfect it.

Now, do I want the Asian Gloves, or the Silver Gloves? Either way, I will color them blue.

In this video, our lead coder runs through one way to use the randomizer. First, he creates a character using our female model, then a second character with the male model; finally, he creates a big guy. Since the choices are random, each time he does this exercise, he gets different results. You will, too.

Three random takes in a row for a female character.

There are actually thirteen randomizer buttons that can appear on the screen when a player is using them to create a character. The buttons flash yellow when they are pressed. The three major randomizers are the look, the costume, and the colors. Then there are ten secondary randomizers for parts of the Look. It’s organized like this:

Random Look – all options for the body and face in one button

Random Head – this cycles through base head shapes, skin types like freckled or wrinkled, facial markings, and other facial features like cheek dimensions
Size and face length or angle.
Random Hair – random hair, facial hair, and colors for each.
Random Eyes – random eye colors and types, like iris or pupil size, droop, squint, etc.
Random Nose – all things related to the nose.
Random Mouth – all mouth-related features.
Random Jaw – jaw and jawline randomization.
Random Ears – ears.
Random Torso – all things related to torso and general body size, including height and body morphs.
Random Arms – upper arm, forearm, and shoulder size.
Random Legs – foot, thigh, and shin size.

Random Costume – cycles through combinations of the costume pieces.

Random Color – changes the colors of the costume pieces.

Look in the lower-right corner: Random Head, Random Look, Random Costume, and Random Color are all options to click.

Our CCT has enormous flexibility, and the randomizers are sophisticated helpers; they’re not completely random. For example, it takes effort to make a blond character, so we adjust the probabilities to give you a likely selection that is more in line with typical results you’d see in a comic or superhero movie.

Here’s a more melee-focused costume…

We intend to keep adding more costumes and CCT options indefinitely, even after Ship of Heroes is launched. If you are going to participate in the upcoming Beta, which requires you to have made total donations of $50 or more on our website during the last two years, please be sure to give us feedback.

…And a more high-tech outfit we’d use for a ranged combatant.

One of the additions we are currently working on is a set of costumes that are available for all three models – male, female, and big guy. Generally, our current costumes are unique, designed specifically for one model. It’s almost as much work to adapt a costume to another model as it is to make a new one from scratch. However, we’ve had requests for groups of players to able to dress similarly, and we’re honoring that request, which you’ll see over the next couple of months.

The big guy on top and the female hero below have very similar outfits, right down to similar colors. Perhaps a super-group’s formal colors?

Using the randomizer buttons can give you ideas, and make unique character creation easy. With so many, many possible results, it’s quite likely that you’ll find a random character who’s close to what you want, and just needs a little adjustment to fulfill your vision. If you have a character idea and backstory in mind, you may want to write it down before you begin. It’s easy to get lost in the countless possibilities.

A chivalrous support character with a fabulous mustache. What kind of backstory should he have?

Yes, a purple-skinned woman can rock that outfit!

Technical Notes


1. As can be seen in the video, there are actually separate randomizers for physical condition – body morphs and skin colors – for mixing and matching costume pieces, and for coloring costume pieces. But a player can always stop and select manually using the sliders.

2. We’ve recently added clickable buttons on both sides of the sliders to make it easier to select an exact value.

3. Our current plan is for Beta testers to be able to make a single character during the Beta. Feel free to weigh in on this metric in the forums.

4. All of the hair models are new, and higher quality than in the past. We’ve upgraded them to enhance the look and feel of the game.

5. The community requested a wide variety of non-human skin colors after the CCT Alpha in 2017. This has been achieved.

6. In this video, we did not use any of the slider lock features. We plan to show them off in a future video.