How can Ship of Heroes fit Apotheosis City inside a spaceship?

Jan 23, 2017

“How can there be a city inside a spaceship?” is a question we are often asked. This video illustrates the size and appearance of the FHS Justice, and answers this question.

Please note, this video is NOT current game content.  It is a slightly upgraded dev tool that we built late in 2016 to help us visualize the FHS Justice.

It’s a matter of scale. Some key dimensions of the Justice:

Maximum length of the ship, from the tip of the bow to the back of the engines: 20.4 miles
Diameter of the ship modules: 1.25 miles
Exterior height of each module, or level of the ship: 0.78 miles
Thickness of the hull at its narrowest by the windows: 24 feet
Square miles of kilometers of Apotheosis City (above ground):  1.2 square miles

In the video you can see that the ship is very large, with a bow, engines in the stern, three cargo bays below and twenty level modules, each of which is a playable game level.  The windows, which look so tiny on the ship itself, are huge compared to the two adult figures standing on the inside ledge at the end of the video. The thinnest section of the hull is at the window area, where the super-metallic hull is only 24 feet thick.

A city CAN fit inside this spaceship. In fact twenty cities the size of Apotheosis City can fit inside the Justice, and each city level can have both above ground and below ground playable levels. This will be fun!

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