A Game Like No Other

We believe that we are creating a special kind of game: a game where you, the player, make your unique story line happen in an exciting setting. You won’t be playing our story – you’ll be writing and then playing your own.

We want Ship of Heroes to be fun with a positive player experience through game play and community. After City of Heroes closed, its fans mourned it, but also expressed the desire to find the most attractive aspects of City of Heroes, but in a new game with better graphics and a new story line. Some players want the excitement of being part of a new game from the start. Ship of Heroes is this new game, a spiritual successor, but with original new content, new story line, new setting and no tie to City of Heroes.

A Positive Tone

We deliver a positive game experience through an upbeat, cheerful setting that is lacking in many games and through a hopeful story line. The art style, color palette, and lighting all create a vision of a positive future for humanity, a future worth fighting for, in which humanity is united against its enemies.

A Friendly Community

We are very grateful to our community. This cheerful, respectful, supportive, and forgiving community set the tone for the game playing atmosphere. Our community and we will maintain a courteous atmosphere on game property and in our forum as a condition of participation.

Fun Gameplay

Fun is built in the variety of play through unique characters that make missions a different experience through endless power combinations. Fun is not limited to end game content: the challenge of missions can be tuned up or down by the player and changes based on the size of the team playing it.


We are transparent, showing unedited in-game content in updates, and with schedules we publish. Our only monetization sources, a one-time download fee and a paid subscription, provide access to all content. There is no “freemium”, no premium content, no add on, no loot boxes, no play to win.

Who is Heroic Games Corporation?

Heroic Games is a small indie studio developing Ship of Heroes. It is their first game as a team, but not their first game: team members have a combined experience of more than 40 published games.

Heroic Games Corporation is headquartered in the Midwest of the U.S.

General Inquiries

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