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Ship of Heroes The New MMORPG

Superheroes Sci-Fi and Magic

A Completely New Story and Setting

Experience Apotheosis City, the city on a spaceship far  from Earth, with stories and events that can’t be found anywhere else.  Join the clash of larger-than-life heroes and villains and make your mark on a futuristic civilization. Ship of Heroes has stories never published before, in a new universe, with new powerful characters, and of course, new game play.

You Are Unique!

From powerful initial customization to the path you take to level up, create the character who truly represents you!  Write a cool backstory that other players can see, and build a unique combination of augmented powers.  Experiment with thousands of power combinations to form a unique playstyle.  Craft the ultimate upgrades and crush your foes!

Unusual Combat Mechanics

Ignore the trinity if you want to!   Lock your enemies in stasis, or cripple them with debuffs.   Shift levels to experience any part of the game with friends in teams of up to ten.  Rise through the ranks.  Gain fame, wealth, and power.  Take part in huge raids with dozens of allies – or try the hardest content, if you dare…

A Positive Tone

Ship of Heroes offers a positive vision of the future in sharp contrast to the post-apocalyptic depiction of modern entertainment.  Cheerful graphics and clean surroundings devoid of grime and decay make Apotheosis City a place that’s fun to explore.  The positive tone extends to our friendly community, too.  You can always find someone willing to help out or join a team!


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Raids in Ship of Heroes

Raids in Ship of Heroes

Joining raids should be fun. Different raids should be accessible throughout the game, not just as end-game content, and they should reward gameplay skills and organizational leadership skills.

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What Players Want in Raids

What Players Want in Raids

Recently we conducted a survey of raid preferences. What does our community like and dislike about raiding in other MMORPGs? We left the survey assumptions pretty open, so that players could tell us how they really feel. And they did.

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